All GeoHot iPhone Jailbreaks In One Place – New Site Launches

George Hotz, the famous iPhone jailbreaker who is more commonly called GeoHot has released a new website called Ra1nb0wra1n that serves to showcase all of GeoHot’s iOS exploits from one place. Visiting the website will let users check through iOS exploits like Purplera1n, Blackra1n, Limera1n besides linking to Apple TV app emulator, console reboot, tethered reboot, etc.

Most interestingly, GeoHot’s new website also has a ‘Coming Soon‘ link that links to ‘Rubyra1n‘. If you have been following this space, you will know that Rubyra1n is the name of the next iOS exploit from GeoHot. Hotz is learned to have purchased the domain name back in March of last year along with Limera1n.

While the latter turned out to be the exploit that has now been used to jailbreak the recent versions of iOS, GeoHot has not revealed much information on Rubyra1n. We expect this exploit to be released soon after iOS 4.3 is released. What do you think?

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