AirPrint Wireless Printing For Mac & PC Connected Printers Cancelled?

Apple is all set to launch their new version of the iOS later this week. But the launch might see Apple clipping down most of the functionalities that their AirPrint wireless technology was supposed to originally offer. According to reports, Apple may have cancelled their plans to offer AirPrint for printers connected to a Mac or a PC.

AirPrint, as you may already know, is an easy to use wireless printing technology for iOS devices that lets users to wirelessly send documents to print from their iDevice to an HP ePrint Printer or any other printer connected to a Mac or a PC. Now, according to modified ReadMe files as well as literature on the company’s website, this functionality may now be limited to the HP ePrint Printer.

The reason behind this move is not known though it is believed that bugs detected in the system in the eleventh hour could have prompted this decision. Anyway, we will wait for an official statement in this regard. That is unlikely however considering the way Apple has sneakily modified the related documents.

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