Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta Download Available Now

Adobe has announced the release of a beta version of their new Flash Player version 10.2. The update is available for all the major desktop platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. One of the interesting new additions to the latest release is the “Stage Video” player that, according to a company release, renders high performance video playback that consumes “just over zero percent” of CPU usage.

This is possible due to GPU acceleration techniques incorporated in the new release that offloads the video playback to the GPU. This means the entire process of H.264 decoding, color conversion and scaling are managed by the GPU thereby requiring little to no CPU usage. Apart from this, other new features in the latest release include performance improvement over IE 9 and persistent full-screen display during multitasking.

You can download the new Adobe Flash Player 10.2 beta software by clicking here.