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AdMob To Defer On Ad Formats For iPad Till Device Launches

Admob, the leading mobile advertising company, now in the safe hands of Google has revealed that the company has been receiving a lot of interest from advertisers eager to sell their wares to iPad customers when the device will come to the market early next month.

However, the company is in no hurry. The company believes that the iPad is a new platform where the effectiveness of ad formats may change and so the company is not releasing new ad formats for the iPad until they are able to test it on a physical device.  The NY Times quotes Nicole Leverich from Admob as saying,

“There’s still a lot of questions about how developers are going to be building their apps and how we can create the best ad units for them,”

Mike Fyall, the manager of Product marketing at Admob has added that the company will not be releasing its software “until we can test our ad units on a physical device.”

Is Apple’s insistence on secrecy going to hurt the company in the short run?

[via NY Times]

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