Adam Touch Screen Shipment Delayed

Notion Ink has released a press note yesterday regretting the delay of the Adam touch screen tablets. According to the release, almost 5.31 percent of the customers have expressed their anguish about the delay in shipment. Notion Ink has conveyed that a part of the shipment of the touch screen tablets which were to be shipped has met with an accidental damage. Although the damage was only to a part shipment, Notion Ink has decided to cancel the entire shipment. This is because, a manual inspection of the tablets would in no way explain the damage occurred.

The mishap which agitated many customers just before the Chinese New Year is being looked into and employees at Sintek have also agreed to skip their New Year week to make sure that the Adams reach the customers within the next two weeks.

Looks like the customer reactions to the delay in shipment were quite evident.