Ad-Supported Electronic License Plates In California

Getting bored waiting in long lines of traffic? How about watching some ads on the license plate of the car before you? That’s exactly what the California State Senate wants. Passed by the senate and now in discussion at the assembly, the new electronic license plate will look like any other conventional license plate when the car is in motion. However, if the driver stops their car for more than 4 seconds, the new license plate shall turn into a platform for digital advertisements. That means more entertainment or frustration, as you choose, for those waiting in traffic.

However, revenues from ads is not the only thing that the California government is looking at. The new proposal will also allow the plates to display amber alerts, updated traffic information, emergency instructions,etc. as the need may be.

It is learned that a three man startup – Smart Plate is in the process of developing the technology which should soon be implemented if the Senate passes the bill. We wonder if the driver installing the plate gets paid a commission for serving their license plate as an ad platform. Otherwise, who bears the cost for keeping the license plates running?

[via Hot Hardware]