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How To Activate SRS 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound On Samsung Galaxy S Series

Want to experience that in-a-cinema-hall feeling while watching videos or movies on your Samsung Galaxy S phone? You may probably know that the device (including all its siblings like AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Sprint Epic & Verizon Fascinate) come equipped with a SRS 5.1 Virtual surround sound system. The SRS Virtual Surround amplifies the bass response besides improving digital clarity so that you will now be able to listen to human voices much clearer over the other audio effects.

Now if you are looking to check this feature out, this is what you should do –

  • Get hold of a stereo headphones – even regular ones should do fine, apparently.
  • Launch your music player or video player.
  • You will notice a button that reads 5.1ch. Tap over it

5.1 Virtual Surround Sound on Samsung Galaxy S

You are done. How do you like it?

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One reply on “How To Activate SRS 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound On Samsung Galaxy S Series”

Important tip for any Galaxy s Euro version. To activate srs in music player, ensure the settings are as follows:

Menu – settings – Equaliser – Normal

Menu – settings – Effect – Normal

Also note that there seems to a slight bug with your settings not always being saved when closing the music app.

Happy listening!

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