Acer S1 Series LCD Display Features & Price

A new series of LCD displays have been unveiled by Acer. The new Acer S1 LCD display comes with a dimension ranging between 18.5-inches and 23-inches and measures 13-mm to 15-mm in thickness.

There are four new models in this new S1 series and they offer a contrast ratio of 12,000,000 : 1 and come with a response time of 5ms. Acer claims that its new LCD displays are ecofriendly that is made possible by use of environment friendly materials and low power consumption.

The display is also compatible with ports for VGA, DVI with HDCP encryption that will allow viewers to watch HD videos. The 21 and 23 inches models also come with additional support for HDMI.

So how much will you need to pay for this? According to the company website, the Acer S1 LCD displays are priced between £119.99 and £169.99 for the various dimensions.

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