New Acer Laptop To Feature Two Screens

Toshiba announced their Libretto W100 not so long ago and now we have Acer developing a similar dual-screen laptop that has no physical keyboard. There is no word on the name, model number or specifications of this upcoming laptop. But from what the pictures reveal, the new Acer laptop will come with a touchscreen keyboard that will mimic a real physical keyboard. Apart from the fanciness that comes with such a device, I have no clue why such a device could actually be popular. Firstly, touchscreens are bad choices for media creation. Secondly, they are more expensive to manufacture than physical keyboards. Lastly, they are more prone to damage than physical keyboards. So, mark this as innovation for the sake of innovating.

At 15″, this device is no small thing. No word on the pricing or launch dates. Check out an image of the dual screen Acer laptop below.

Acer Dual Screen Laptop