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Acer Frameless Laptop To Have Touch Keyboard

Acer is reported to be working on a ultra-thin notebook that shall come without a frame, will have color printed on the back of the glass-substrate to act as the cover and might have touch keyboard replacing the conventional model in order to reduce cost.

Folks at DigiTimes write that inside sources have told them that this “next-gen” notebook could be launched as early the second half of 2010.

“Acer is expected to adopt Corning’s reinforced glass substrate and simply print color on its back to allow the substrate to function like a notebook cover for a frameless design. The design will help reduce the thickness of the ultra-thin notebook and can also reduce material costs.”

While a frameless design to reduce material costs sounds interesting, it is also a point to note if the company is looking at compromising vital features for lower cost. Nobody’s going to like it if the notebook they purchase for a few hundred dollars is going to drop and break at the first instance, I tell you!

[via DigiTimes]

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