A HP WebOS Netbook Not In The Radar

Just a few days back, Hewlett Packard CEO, Mark Hurd said that he wanted to see WebOS expand from being just a smartphone OS to reach newer form factors including tablets and printers. Now, will that mean a WebOS based netbook is on the cards too? A report on Liliputing disagrees. In a recently published … Continue reading “A HP WebOS Netbook Not In The Radar”

WebOS Tablet : HP Hurricane Launch In Q3

There have been several rumors over the past couple of weeks that Hewlett Packard may have just killed their much anticipated HP Slate. Other rumors pointed out to the Windows 7 OS being replaced. None of them have been confirmed so far. However, Examiner now reveals from “industry insiders” that HP may actually be replacing … Continue reading “WebOS Tablet : HP Hurricane Launch In Q3”

Palm WebOS 1.4 Launching Feb 25

The next version of Palm’s WebOS platform could be out this week. According to sources from Verizon that folks at PreCentral quote, the “hard date” for the release of WebOS 1.4 is scheduled for Feb 25. The release shall happen over-the-air for 100,000 devices at a time. What’s new in this version? PreCentral note the … Continue reading “Palm WebOS 1.4 Launching Feb 25”

Android Steals The Show At MWC

The absence of Apple at the Mobile World Congress has definitely given Google’s Android the definite edge over its competitors at the show in Barcelona this year. With the MWC for this year coming to a close today, everyone who’s been at the event has only one thing to say – Android is brilliant. With … Continue reading “Android Steals The Show At MWC”

Intel Previews MeeGo Tablet Interface at MWC

While every other company has been busy launching their new smartphones and tablets, Intel, the largest producers of chips, has shown a preview of its tablet inteface MeeGo at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. MeeGo is a Linux based system which like Android, iOS, WebOS and Windows is a phone based OS. The MeeGo … Continue reading “Intel Previews MeeGo Tablet Interface at MWC”

Can HP Do An Apple With Its TouchPad?

HP’s new tablet – TouchPad which runs on WebOS 3.0 was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this week and the tablet actually looks very impressive when compared to most of its contemporaries. The TouchPad which is going to be made available this summer has to face a tough competition from both Android … Continue reading “Can HP Do An Apple With Its TouchPad?”

Rogers Palm Pre 2 Price Announced

Palm Pre 2 is now officially available on Rogers Canada. The webOS 2.0 smartphone sports a 3.1″ display screen along with a 2-Megapixel camera, a 16GB internal memory (with microSD expansion) and comes with a sliding form factor. According to a statement from the manufacturer, Palm Pre 2 will be available at a price of … Continue reading “Rogers Palm Pre 2 Price Announced”