Does Steve Jobs Have Not Long Left?

According to a tabloid published in National Enquirer, Steve Jobs would not survive for more than six weeks apparently. Well for now, this is only a rumor, but National Enquirer has also published pictures of Steve Jobs outside the Stanford cancer Center. Looking at the pictures, one can definitely say that Jobs looks awfully thin … Continue reading “Does Steve Jobs Have Not Long Left?”

Steve Jobs on Leave, Yet Working

We know that Steve Jobs is on a medical leave and is taking his time off from the Cupertino office. To all the people who were worried about what was going to Apple after Steve Jobs, here comes the reply from Steve Jobs. He is not going anywhere. Apparently, job is working on the next … Continue reading “Steve Jobs on Leave, Yet Working”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Successor – Shareholders Demand A Plan

Steve Jobs is on an indefinite medical leave, his third in recent years. Shareholders in Apple Inc. are already beginning to fear the absence of Apple’s most charismatic public face. One of the shareholders in Apple – Central Laborers’ Pension Fund has put forth a proposal asking Apple to disclose plans about Steve Jobs’ successor. … Continue reading “Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Successor – Shareholders Demand A Plan”

Only Steve Jobs’ Death Will Take Apple Forward:Netgear CEO

Yes, what you read is absolutely true. Netgear CEO, Patrick Lo has quoted- Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away, then Apple will have to make a strategic decision on whether to open up the platform. Patrick Lo has definitely made a controversial statement and hit two birds at one shot. … Continue reading “Only Steve Jobs’ Death Will Take Apple Forward:Netgear CEO”

Business Impact Of Steve Jobs’ Medical Leave Could Be Significant

Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday wrote to all employees at his company noting that he was taking a medical leave of absence. This is not the first time Jobs will be taking time away from his responsibilities as CEO. Steve Jobs is a former pancreatic cancer patient who also had a liver transplant two years … Continue reading “Business Impact Of Steve Jobs’ Medical Leave Could Be Significant”

Poor Signal On iPhone? Steve Jobs Says It’s Your Fault

Apple iPhone users have rarely enjoyed great cell phone connectivity on their handsets. Many users often carry two handsets – one iPhone for bragging purposes and another handset to actually make calls. Such is the level of network connectivity from the AT&T network. Of late though, AT&T has promised to rectify their network. The carrier … Continue reading “Poor Signal On iPhone? Steve Jobs Says It’s Your Fault”

Mac App Store Rumor False – Steve Jobs Clarifies

A couple of days back, we had a shocker of a rumor that claimed that Apple could soon be integrating its Mac OS X platform to the iTunes store so that only Apple approved software could be downloaded and installed on the platform. Steve Jobs has now clarified that this is plainly a rumor and … Continue reading “Mac App Store Rumor False – Steve Jobs Clarifies”

Now Watch Adobe Flash Videos On iPad, iPhone Without Jailbreak

No, Steve Jobs has not had a change of heart overnight. Skyfire, a browser application that we had written about in early September is finally ready for approval and will hit the App Store tomorrow. Like we had mentioned last time, this browser app will render Adobe Flash content on iOS devices without violating any […]