5 Vital Email Security Tips You Should Know

In 2016, the race for the American President saw a popular candidate suffer an unexpected defeat. Hillary Clinton, who was expected to be the 45th president of the United States, lost because of a strange controversy. The controversy involved her using a private email server during her tenure as the Secretary of State. As expected, the American … Continue reading “5 Vital Email Security Tips You Should Know”

Quantum Cryptography: The ‘Key’ To Perfect Security?

Since the dawn of the computer era with the Apple I, the need for security has been crucial. Although simple encryption was strong enough to fend off some of the first real hackers, the popularization and advancement of technology in our society has made even the strongest means of encryption all but null in comparison. … Continue reading “Quantum Cryptography: The ‘Key’ To Perfect Security?”

Motorola Increasing The Security Of Its Android Phones – Buys 3LM

The security on Blackberry phones is impeccable, there is no doubting that. So, Motorola is planning to do the same with its Android phones – make them as secure as possible for which they have bought 3LM. 3LM is a security device developer that designs security softwares for Google’s Android based phones, thus making the … Continue reading “Motorola Increasing The Security Of Its Android Phones – Buys 3LM”

Sony PlayStation 3 Hack To Expose Security Keys Brings Piracy Threat

George Hotz, the popular hacker who is widely known as GeoHot in the jailbreak circles has made Sony’s PlayStation 3 security key public that could enable users to install custom firmwares and games on their console without going through the Sony platform. Thanking the German hacker group, Fail0verflow who discovered the exploit, Hotz wrote on … Continue reading “Sony PlayStation 3 Hack To Expose Security Keys Brings Piracy Threat”

Access Contacts List From Locked iPhone With Newly Discovered Security Flaw

Yet another security flaw on the iOS 4.1 has been discovered. And this time it will let users bypass the mandatory input of passcode to let users access private details like contacts list, recent calls, voicemails,etc. The security bug will also let users send emails and MMS messages without having to know the passcode. How […]

Facebook Mulls New Social CAPTCHA Security System

Facebook has filed a patent application for a new technology that will seek to beat scammers and possibly bots using a new CAPTCHA system that will make use of a user’s social graph. Called the social CAPTCHA, this new technology will put forward several questions to a user – that Facebook suspects of being fraudulent […]

Symantec Releases Norton AntiVirus 2011 & Norton Internet Security 2011

Symantec has released the latest version of its antivirus software along with the new Internet Security product that is aimed at minimizing cybercrime. The popular security software provider has supplemented the launch with the release of its latest Cybercrime report where it claims that close to 65% of the global internet users have fallen prey … Continue reading “Symantec Releases Norton AntiVirus 2011 & Norton Internet Security 2011”

What Is Motorola Droid-X eFuse Security System?

If you are the geeky kind who loves to fiddle and tinker around with gadgets, you surely might have already attempted to root your current mobile phone. That is exactly what Motorola is attempting to stop. The Motorola Droid-X contains a freshly installed security system called eFuse. The Android phone contains an eFuse chip on … Continue reading “What Is Motorola Droid-X eFuse Security System?”

Microsoft Windows XP Security Vulnerability Exploited By Malicious Code

A new security flaw has been detected on the older versions of Microsoft Windows Operating system – namely Windows XP and Windows 2000. The vulnerability will allow hackers to exploit the system and subsequently run malicious code. In a statement released to the media, Microsoft Group Manager Jerry Bryant said that his team was presently … Continue reading “Microsoft Windows XP Security Vulnerability Exploited By Malicious Code”