Nokia-Microsoft Partnership Helps Microsoft Earn Billions

Now that the Nokia-Microsoft partnership is official and both Nokia and Microsoft are trying to cope up with the competition being offered by Google and Apple, arises the question, who benefited the most from the partnership. Apparently, it seems like Microsoft is the bigger beneficiary when compared to Nokia. Why? It is rather simple to … Continue reading “Nokia-Microsoft Partnership Helps Microsoft Earn Billions”

Is the Nokia-Microsoft Partnership A Boon To Rivals?

The Nokia-Microsoft partnership was made public yesterday. But, is this partnership a blessing for Google and Apple and may be RIM as well. Nokia as we know has embraced Microsoft’s Windows and has abandoned its own OS Symbian for developing new smartphones. Analyst Abramsky opines that this partnership is actually helping the iPhones, Androids and … Continue reading “Is the Nokia-Microsoft Partnership A Boon To Rivals?”

Nokia – Microsoft Partnership Happens, Once Again

We reported last week that Nokia was likely to enter into a partnership with Microsoft in order to deal with the competition from smartphones running on Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Well, the partnership has finally happened. So now, Nokia would be abandoning its own phone OS Symbian and will embrace the Microsoft OS, which … Continue reading “Nokia – Microsoft Partnership Happens, Once Again”

Nokia and Microsoft Partnership To Be Announced Next Week ?

We reported yesterday about the possibility of a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft happening. Looks like, there is going to be an official announcement from the two corporate giants apparently on the 11th of February which is actually the Capital Markets Day. Nokia and Microsoft would be having a partnership for the third time if … Continue reading “Nokia and Microsoft Partnership To Be Announced Next Week ?”

Hogging The Limelight of Android 3.0 – Is Apple Doing A Microsoft?

With both Samsung and Motorola ready to unveil their next Android 3.0 Honeycomb sensations in the next couple of weeks, we begin to get leaked news from various sources reporting the launch of iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. If we observe carefully, we can observe a kind of ‘Microsoftism’ in these tactics. Back in … Continue reading “Hogging The Limelight of Android 3.0 – Is Apple Doing A Microsoft?”

Microsoft Kinect For PC Coming Soon?

Developers could soon be bringing PC-based Kinect games if a new rumor is anything to go by. According to sources, Microsoft is working on building a Kinect SDK that it could release along with official drivers for Windows that can be used by developers to build PC-based Kinect applications. This is expected to take a … Continue reading “Microsoft Kinect For PC Coming Soon?”

Microsoft Kinect Causing XBox Red Ring Of Death Error

Microsoft’s XBox gaming consoles have been notorious for their ‘red ring of death‘ problem in the past. It is estimated that over 30% of the consoles have faced this issue in the past though Microsoft has virtually eliminated this bug with its recent releases. However, according to a report on Guardian, plugging a Kinect to … Continue reading “Microsoft Kinect Causing XBox Red Ring Of Death Error”

8 Million Microsoft Kinect Units Sold In 2010

One of Microsoft’s biggest success stories last year has undeniably been that of Kinect. At the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, CEO Steve Ballmer opened up on how much of a success this gesture based motion controller for XBox has been. According to him, Microsoft sold nearly 8 million Kinect units since launch. That is in … Continue reading “8 Million Microsoft Kinect Units Sold In 2010”