iPhone 5 Launch In July 2012?

It was originally pencilled in for the second half of 2012, but could we see the next incarnation of the iPhone as early as July? The iPhone 5, or the “new iPhone” as it might be known, could be announced during the summer and the latest rumour surrounding the Apple device is that it could … Continue reading “iPhone 5 Launch In July 2012?”

iPhone 5 Features And Rumors.

Rumored to be having an exact look like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 has already reached the mass production stage and is expected to have an exact look like the iPhone 4. With many controversial rumors cropping up regarding the phone as it nears its release date, lets have a look at the possible … Continue reading “iPhone 5 Features And Rumors.”

Will iPhone 5 Have A Slide-Out Keyboard?

The latest rumor about the iPhone 5 is that Apple is testing a prototype with a keyboard which would apparently slide out. Apple is apparently testing three prototypes, one among which is one with the sliding keyboard. Well, if the rumor which is based on the news from a Taiwanese website were to be true, … Continue reading “Will iPhone 5 Have A Slide-Out Keyboard?”

iPhone 5 With a 4″ Display?

We had the news on Go Rumors yesterday that Apple is planning to buy Samsung PLS displays in order to improve the viewing angles on the iPhones. Rumor has it that these displays are going to be four inches in measurement, which would mean Apple would be bidding it’s usual 3.5″ touchscreen adieu. Guess this … Continue reading “iPhone 5 With a 4″ Display?”

iPhone 5 And The Small iPhone To Be Released Simultaneously?

Apple is definitely responding to Google’s challenge with various new products expected this summer from them. It was reported last week that a prototype of an iPhone, approximately two-thirds the size of a normal iPhone was spotted. If the rumors and reports are be believed, this smaller iPhone would cost much lesser when compared to … Continue reading “iPhone 5 And The Small iPhone To Be Released Simultaneously?”

iPhone 5 Posing a Serious Threat to Verizon iPhone 4?

Yes, the queues outside Apple’s stores are getting thinner and thinner. Is it because, the iPhone 5 is out soon or is it because most customers have bought their phones online. When compared to the queues AT&T got to saw outside their stores last year on and after the days the iPhone 4 was released, … Continue reading “iPhone 5 Posing a Serious Threat to Verizon iPhone 4?”

iPhone 5 Announcement on June 5th?

According to reports, the Moscone Center is booked for a corporate meeting between the 5th of June to the 9th. There are now speculations that Apple would be announcing the iPhone 5 along with iOS 5 during that meeting. If the dates are observed clearly, one can see that the meeting at Moscone Center is … Continue reading “iPhone 5 Announcement on June 5th?”

Come June or July, Expect The Apple iPhone 5 Release?

If everything goes as planned, Apple would be preparing to launch the iPhone in June or July this year after it finishes its annual product cycle. According to reports from The Chinese Commercial Times, it is being rumored that Apple has put the iPhone 5 into production and 10 million units are being prepared for … Continue reading “Come June or July, Expect The Apple iPhone 5 Release?”

Rumored iPhone 5 Features – Micro-SIM Slot And Tweaked Antenna Design

An iPhone accessory manufacturing company, Global Direct, has published a video that compares an iPhone 4 casing with what they claim is a next generation CDMA iPhone that makes a number of interesting revelations. The video has since then been pulled which is possibly an indication that what is shown on the video is legitimate. … Continue reading “Rumored iPhone 5 Features – Micro-SIM Slot And Tweaked Antenna Design”