iPad 2 To Be Launched In A Few Hours

The long wait is over. In a few hours from now, Apple is all set to unveil the iPad 2 and unlike its predecessor, this tablet is going to be made available straight away. The media is already at Cupertino as they wait for the second generation tablet to be launched at Apple’s head office. … Continue reading “iPad 2 To Be Launched In A Few Hours”

Will iPad 2 Debut With A Lower Price Than Its Predecessor?

It’s now confirmed, the iPad 2 will be unveiled by Apple on Wednesday, which is the day after tomorrow. We have been discussing a lot about the hardware of the iPad 2, what new add-ons it would have etc. But would we be really happy if the iPad 2 were to come out with the … Continue reading “Will iPad 2 Debut With A Lower Price Than Its Predecessor?”

iPad 2 And iOS 4.3 on Mar 2?

The latest buzz is that Apple is planning to launch both the second generation iPad and the next version of iOS on March 2 which co-incidentally is a Wednesday. Knowing Apple’s Wednesday sentiment, this could well be true. Also, there have been reports that Steve Jobs‘ health is declining day by day, so Jobs himself … Continue reading “iPad 2 And iOS 4.3 on Mar 2?”

iPad 2 To make Use of Samsung’s PLS Display ?

Based on inside sources, The Korea Times has reported that Samsung will be supplying their PLS (Plane to Line Switching) display to Apple which will be used in the making of. Right now, Apple is using the IPS (In-Plane Switching) display which are bought from several other companies amongst which there is LG too. The … Continue reading “iPad 2 To make Use of Samsung’s PLS Display ?”

Common GrenpoisOn Jailbreak For iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Verizon iPhone 4

The new greenpoisOn jailbreaking, RC5.4 tool can apparently be used to jailbreak the iphone 4, Verzon iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 says the developers team of greenpoisOn. This new untethered jailbreaking tool is the successor to iOS 4.2.1 jailbreaking tool that was developed by the same team. The earlier jailbreaking tool was able to … Continue reading “Common GrenpoisOn Jailbreak For iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Verizon iPhone 4”

Is Apple Planning iPad 2.5 for Next Fall?

Apple enthusiast and writer John Gruber has mentioned on his website Daring Fireball that Apple may want to release the third generation next fall which would be six months from now. John Gruber opines that the release of HP TouchPad this summer is going to prompt Apple to bring the iPad 2 out this March … Continue reading “Is Apple Planning iPad 2.5 for Next Fall?”

Apple iPad 2 Now In Production

The Apple iPad 2 which is said to be having a complete makeover when compared to its predecessor is now in production. This recent news comes from the global news agency Reuters. According to reports by Reuters, the new iPad or the iPad 2 will have a faster processor and a slimmer look along with … Continue reading “Apple iPad 2 Now In Production”

New Apple iPad 2 Rumors

The past few weeks have been abuzz with rumors about the specifications of Xoom, several other Android Honeycomb tablets and of course the iPad 2. Amidst all these, we have some more new Apple iPad 2 rumors. If the new buzz were to come true, the second generation iPad will be having NFC (Near Field … Continue reading “New Apple iPad 2 Rumors”