Streak 10 To Use Honeycomb

The tablet from Dell, Streak which was first previewed at the Consumer Electronic Show in January is going to use Google’s Android 3.0 or Honeycomb. The use of Android 3.0 was confirmed this week at the quarterly fiscal meeting this week and Dell has also confirmed that the 10 inch tablet would be called Dell … Continue reading “Streak 10 To Use Honeycomb”

Honeycomb Is Just Around the Corner, Hang On

Anyone looking to buy an Android tablet, better hang on. Android 2.3 or as codenamed Honeycomb is just around the corner and there is no point in investing in Android tablets just yet. Right now, there are five tablets in the market that run on the Android OS. But, as a matter of fact, none … Continue reading “Honeycomb Is Just Around the Corner, Hang On”

Will Android 2.4 Experience Honeycomb?

Android 2.4, rumored to be Google’s updated OS for smartphones might get a chance to experience some of the features of Android 3.0, popularly known as Honeycomb. Right now Android 3.0 is only being used on Google oriented tablets. But, rumors have been around for a while now that the work on Android 2.4 – … Continue reading “Will Android 2.4 Experience Honeycomb?”

Android 3.0 Honeycomb – More a Tablet PC ?

Google launched its Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet yesterday. Loyalists of Apple can breathe a sigh of relief as this one looks more akin to a tablet PC than an iPad. The basic feeling that one got after seeing the tablet yesterday was, it is not as simple as an iPad. Unlike iPad’s homescreen which looks … Continue reading “Android 3.0 Honeycomb – More a Tablet PC ?”

Honeycomb Update For Notion Ink Adam In The Works

Although Notion Ink Adam has impressed quite a lot of its target base, one of the oft-quoted reasons for people to not go ahead with their purchase is the lack of Android market access on the pretty tablet. Of course, applications may be sideloaded even now. However, given the fact that a majority of customers … Continue reading “Honeycomb Update For Notion Ink Adam In The Works”

Motorola Honeycomb Tablet Demoed – Launch Early 2011?

Andy Rubin, the VP of Engineering at Google unveiled the Android 2.3 and Nexus S yesterday. As part of his interaction, Rubin also briefly showcased yet another imminent release – a Motorola tablet running Honeycomb – the Android OS that will follow the newly launched Android 2.3 update. While Rubin did not reveal too many … Continue reading “Motorola Honeycomb Tablet Demoed – Launch Early 2011?”

Does Sony Have Plans For A Tablet Too?

Every known company has plunged into the tablet business and is trying to cash in on the new rage. If there was one giant who never spoke of doing a tablet, it was Sony. But, according to Engadget, Sony has a tablet in the making or it at least has plans for a tablet. Though … Continue reading “Does Sony Have Plans For A Tablet Too?”

Google Coming Out With Hardware For Ice Cream

Google’s executive in charge of Android Andy Rubin has confirmed that Android 2.4 or Ice cream will be accompanied by a smartphone. He has also confirmed that from now on every new Android version will be accompanied by hardware, meaning a new device. Both Andy Ruben and Eric Shmidt, the chief executive have confirmed at … Continue reading “Google Coming Out With Hardware For Ice Cream”

HTC Launches Its Tablet – Flyer

The Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this year is seeing full fledged launches from almost all the mobile giants. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson unveiled their respective smartphones and tablets, it was the Taiwanese giant HTC‘s turn today as it launched its tablet – “Flyer”. Following on the lines of their own smartphones, the HTC … Continue reading “HTC Launches Its Tablet – Flyer”

The Official Samsung Galaxy S II Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S II was released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a little earlier today. According to reports, the new handset is looking fabulous with impressive hardware like a 1 GHz Samsung dual core processor, 8.1 mega pixel camera, Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen that measures 4.27 inches. Also , the phone is … Continue reading “The Official Samsung Galaxy S II Specs”