Capture HDR Photos On iPhone 3G/3GS With HDR Camera Enabler

If you are reading this, you will be aware that Apple’s new iOS 4.1 brings HDR photo capability to the iPhone. HDR photography captures a  quick sequence of three photos in over-exposed, normal and underexposed environments that are super-imposed with complex algorithms to create one pretty picture. Unfortunately though, the feature is only available on … Continue reading “Capture HDR Photos On iPhone 3G/3GS With HDR Camera Enabler”

iOS 4.1 HDR Photography For iPhone 3G/3GS – A Jailbreak App For That

Apple released the new iOS 4.1 version of its operating system earlier this week. One of the new features that this new iOS version comes with is the support for HDR photography. The new High-Definition-Range photography tool will allow users bring extra detail out of high contrast scenes so that there is a greater dynamic […]

Intel Previews MeeGo Tablet Interface at MWC

While every other company has been busy launching their new smartphones and tablets, Intel, the largest producers of chips, has shown a preview of its tablet inteface MeeGo at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. MeeGo is a Linux based system which like Android, iOS, WebOS and Windows is a phone based OS. The MeeGo … Continue reading “Intel Previews MeeGo Tablet Interface at MWC”

Microsoft Kin Two : Technical Specifications And Price

Starting next week (May 13), users may starting owning Microsoft’s latest piece of hardware – the Kin Two. Here is a complete list of specifications and pricing details. Don’t be surprised if it appears costlier than what you had thought Complete Tech Specs And Features Display : 3.4 inch TFT, HVGA (480×320), Capacitive Touchscreen Dimensions: … Continue reading “Microsoft Kin Two : Technical Specifications And Price”

Microsoft Seeing China Opportunity Post-Google Exit?

Google has called upon the human rights violations and censorship laws in China as the reason to quit the operations in China. While there have been lots of conspiracy theories woven to understand the exact reason for Google’s withdrawal from one of the major internet markets, the Mountain View based company has nevertheless earned its … Continue reading “Microsoft Seeing China Opportunity Post-Google Exit?”

Google In Subpoena Trouble Once Again [Updated]

The Transportation Security Administration in US had recently issued a directive to many airline companies around the world requiring them of carrying out additional screening procedures of passengers. This, expected to be a high security directive was seen as breached when two bloggers who claim to have received information about this from an anonymous source … Continue reading “Google In Subpoena Trouble Once Again [Updated]”