What is the next step for mobile gaming?

Technology has continued to grow from strength to strength with the continual improvements of mobile phones, the introduction of tablets and the innovative design of Google Glass, but what is coming next for mobile gaming? One thing that most gamers are calling for is improved graphics, but it may be difficult to fetch the very best … Continue reading “What is the next step for mobile gaming?”

Comparing online gaming between tablets and mobile phones

Online gaming has become one of the major applications of mobile phones and tablets. As PC sales decline sharply, those of tablets and smartphones skyrocket and today most owners of mobile devices favor using their tablets rather than their desktops for playing games. The fundamental difference between the latest generations of tablets and mobile phones is that … Continue reading “Comparing online gaming between tablets and mobile phones”

AT&T Comes Up With a New Gaming Platform For Androids

AT&T, which is heavily investing into Google’s Android based phones is coming up with a new social gaming platform for these phones. This move happens to come as AT&T has lost its monolpoly over the Apple iPhone. OpenFeint video game network, which develops social games that help users on different platforms play against each other … Continue reading “AT&T Comes Up With a New Gaming Platform For Androids”

Will The iOS 4.3 Beta Support Gaming on Apple TV?

If rumors are to be believed, the code of iOS 4.3 Beta contains a possible gaming and controller option for the Apple TV. According to the rumors, Apple TV could possibly have gaming features on the new iOS 4.3 Beta. Engadget website has been tipped about the possible presence of online gaming support on iOS … Continue reading “Will The iOS 4.3 Beta Support Gaming on Apple TV?”

New Microsoft Bing Social Gaming Platform In The Making

Software giant Microsoft could well become the first company to have social games running on their search engine. Their search engine Bing would soon be hosting the social game “Happy Island” and from doing this the company thinks that it will be proving its innovative talent in the sector. The company apparently came up with […]

Microsoft Game Hub Makes Casual Gaming Social

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new social gaming portal called the Microsoft Game Hub that primarily integrates three of the company’s offerings – Bing Games, MSN Games and Windows Live Messenger. The company had to rebuild the MSN Games section while updating the Live Messenger to integrate the offering. Bing Games has been … Continue reading “Microsoft Game Hub Makes Casual Gaming Social”

Most Popular Gaming Title On XBox Live Last Week? Not ‘Halo: Reach’!

Well, after the mega opening last week that saw Bungie’s ‘Halo: Reach‘ garnering over $200 million in the first 24 hours of launch, one may have assumed that the new release would have easily been the most popular title on XBox Live last week. Apparently, not so. Microsoft has announced that it was Activision’s Call … Continue reading “Most Popular Gaming Title On XBox Live Last Week? Not ‘Halo: Reach’!”

Mozilla Firefox Browser Gaming Launches

Mozilla Labs has announced its plans to venture into a new browser-based gaming service that is expected to launch later this year. According to an announcement made on the company website, the new gaming section will be built for the open web that could make use of technologies like Open Video, audio, WebGL, touch events, … Continue reading “Mozilla Firefox Browser Gaming Launches”

US Mobile Gaming Revenues Forecast

With mobile phones getting smarter by the day, the number of people who access gaming applications on their mobile phone is definitely on the rise. Consequently, we have a number of new startups focusing on this specific market segment. While a majority of such mobile gaming applications make money either via gaming credits or requiring […]