Digital Crime – Top Targets are Not Who You Think

Digital crime is a booming industry. Every day we hear of huge data breaches that have exposed the data of millions of a company’s clients. And we’re not talking of a few years ago either. Just last year, the data of 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal app where stolen. Modern living comes with perks. … Continue reading “Digital Crime – Top Targets are Not Who You Think”

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Owners Primarily Women

When Barnes & Noble launched the NOOK Color, not many actually expected the device to be anything more than an also-ran. With more sophisticated devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab vying to be the iPad killer, the NOOK Color was just a NOOK with tablet benefits. But a recent snippet revealed by a company executive shows … Continue reading “Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Owners Primarily Women”

Activision Axes Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and True Crime

The once very famous Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games have now been axed by Activision following the poor run of their last year’s release Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. While the DJ Hero game has also seen huge losses and the chief executive of Activision, Eric Hirshberg has exclaimed that these games just cannot … Continue reading “Activision Axes Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and True Crime”

Apple and RIM Overtake Sony Ericsson and Motorola

According to the latest reports, Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry have overtaken Sony Ericsson and Motorola to claim the fourth and fifth spots on the top mobile phone manufacturers list of 2010. The top three places were shared by Nokia, Samsung and LG respectively. Although Nokia and LG have held on to the first and … Continue reading “Apple and RIM Overtake Sony Ericsson and Motorola”

RIM Showcases The Business Capabilities of Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Yesterday, RIM has launched a demo video of a few business applications that are going to feature on the Blackberry Playbook Tablet. The tablet is going to come out in March. Well, there was not a lot new in yesterday’s demo. The demo once again reiterates the need of pairing the tablet with a Blackberry … Continue reading “RIM Showcases The Business Capabilities of Blackberry Playbook Tablet”

RIM BlackPad Release Next Week – No Blackberry OS?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece of article that claims that Research In Motion could be unveiling its upcoming tablet computer – known as BlackPad to some and Surf Book to others – as early as next week. The newspaper’s sources have claimed that the actual launch could happen in the fourth quarter … Continue reading “RIM BlackPad Release Next Week – No Blackberry OS?”

RIM – DataViz Acquisition Rumors Only Partially True

A couple of weeks back, I had written about rumors about Waterloo-based Blackberry manufacturer, RIM having acquired DataViz; the app developer behind the popular Documents 2 Go apps for platforms including WebOS. Now, we are hearing that this rumor may only be partially true. This is because, while DataViz insiders have agreed to the fact that […]

Has RIM Acquired Enterprise App Developer DataViz?

Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM), the Waterloo based manufacturers of Blackberry may have purchased DataViz , a popular app developer who is behind the popular Documents 2 Go application for mobile platforms like the Palm WebOS. According to reports, RIM may have paid close to $50 million for the acquisition of the app development company. Strategically, […]

RIM Developing Blackberry For The Blind

Waterloo based Research In Motion has filed a patent application that indicates work on a new Blackberry device for its visually impaired customers. In the new application titled “MULTI-TAP KEYBOARD USER INTERFACE”, the inventors write on a technology that will bring auditory feedback to Blackberry users while dialling a number or accessing applications like email … Continue reading “RIM Developing Blackberry For The Blind”