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5 Reasons Why Apple Tablet Will Be Called iPad

The Apple Tablet shall be launching in less than a week from now, and there is still not concrete information about what the device will officially be known as – For that matter, Apple is yet to confirm that a Tablet is actually launching.

But of late, there have been enough evidence to suggest that the Tablet will be called – not iSlate, not iGuide, but iPad. Here are five reasons to believe why this will happen

1. Slate Computing LLC, a firm believed to be the shell company of Apple has supposedly filed for the trademark for the ‘IPAD’ name in Canada recently.

2. Around the same time when this filing was made in July last year, another company – IP Application Development, believed to be yet another dummy corporation of Apple had filed for the ‘IPAD’ trademark in Hong Kong

3. Again, in July of 2009, a UK based law firm filed the ‘IPAD’ name in UK

4. IP Application Development filed the trademark yet again this month in the countries of Australia and New Zealand. Incidentally, this company is also based out of Delaware, USA; much like Slate Computing LLC.

5. The trademark for ‘iPad’ in USA is held by Fujitsu. Apple is apparently in a legal fight against Fujitsu over the the trademark. The filing was first made in September 2009 and has continued through December.

Besides all this, iPad could go well with iPod and other one syllable brand names that Apple has always chosen to go with.

How do you like the iPad name? Tell us in the comments.

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Mac’s revolutionary iPad will soon grow after the pumped up time during it’s unveiling. The lack of keyboard and Job’s potential to fix issues will definitly to make the iPad a success in the futuire.

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