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Now Watch 3D Blu-Ray Movies On PlayStation 3 – New Firmware Released

Sony has released a new firmware version for PlayStation 3. The new firmware 3.50 will offer support to 3D Blu-ray movies on the Sony PS 3 console. The announcement is in line with our revelation last week that the new firmware would release on September 21.

The new firmware will let users play three-dimensional movies on any television set capable of playing 3D content. Apart from 3D support, the new PlayStation firmware also brings enhanced social integration to the console. Developers may integrate their games with Facebook while users can use this integration to have a more social experience on their PS 3. In addition to this, the new firmware also brings a grief reporting function to the console that will let users to send claim reports directly from the XMB for inappropriate messages they receive from other users.

You can check out instructions to download the new firmware by clicking here.

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