Sony PlayStation 3 With 3D Blu-Ray Support Coming On Sep 21

Sony has announced that a new firmware update for their game console is coming soon – on September 21 to be precise. The new 3.5 firmware update will bring with it the ability to render 3D Blu-ray content.

Speculations surrounding the new 3D Blu-ray support on Sony PS 3 have been doing the rounds for quite a while now though it is only now that Sony has officially confirmed the impending launch. The technology will require users to wear polarizing glasses.

This upcoming firmware update was recently showcased by Sony at the Tokyo Games Show. Folks at Engadget have caught hold of a pretty convincing video demo to showcase the 3D capabilities on the new Sony PlayStation 3 firmware 3.5 update. Do you like what you see? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Buy PlayStation Move Online Now At Amazon

Today is the official launch day for the new PlayStation Move from Sony. The accessory is already up on sale on the Amazon website at a price of $99.99. Not just that, if you are looking to buy the whole package, you can also check out the 320GB PlayStation 3 console with Move bundle at a price of $399.99. You can go ahead and make your purchase by clicking on the Amazon link here.

The official launch comes four days after PlayStation Move went on sale at the Best Buy stores ahead of the actual release date. As we had reported back then, customers in the Benton Harbor area of Michigan claimed to have made their purchase from their local BB store.

It will be interesting to see how the PlayStation Move is received by gamers. With Kinect launching in a couple of months from now, Sony will be keen to sell as many PS3 consoles bundled with Move as possible in order to counter Microsoft in the gesture-based gaming environment.

Jailbreaking Your PlayStation 3 For Cheap With PS3Key

Jailbreak solutions for your Sony PS3 are aplenty. We already have solutions like PS3Jailbreak and PSGroove that can help you jailbreak your PlayStation. There are also solutions to jailbreak your PlayStation by tethering it to an iPhone, Android, Palm or Nokia handset. If you do not want any of these, then there’s an alternative.

The new PS3Key jailbreak for PlayStation 3 is pretty much similar to the original PS3Jailbreak tool and is a USB plug-in tool. However, significantly, the service is available at a pretty inexpensive €39.99 ($49 approximately) when you compare it with the $170 that you may have to shell out for PS3Jailbreak. PS3Key is presently open for pre-orders and is expected to begin shipping starting the 20th of this month.

All said and done, despite the differing price points, you must note that jailbreaking is risky and can void your warranty and render your console useless. In case of PS3, you can also end up losing your PSN membership since Sony can track the offenders pretty easily. So the risk, pretty evidently, is upon you.

Play PS2 Games On PS3 With New Backward Compatibility Plug

Do you hate it when you are not able to play some games from your PlayStation 2 on the new PS 3? Sony is learned to be working on a new device that could be plugged into your PS that will let the device emulate the older machine and thus let you play games from your older consoles on the new PlayStation.

In the new patent filed with the Japanese patent office, the company describes a “removable adapter” that can be plugged into a “next generation device” that will help it to emulate the games from the older generation model. It is not clear if PlayStation 3 is already loaded with sufficient infrastructure to effect the emulation though. It is more likely for a future PlayStation model to bring with it the technology needed to support this emulation with the current PS 3. Nevertheless, we will hope the backward compatibility will extend to the older Sony PlayStation 2 models as well.

Playstation backward compatibility

Now Jailbreak Sony PlayStation 3 With iPhone or iPod Touch

Remember our article on jailbreaking your Sony PlayStation 3 with your Palm Pre, Nokia N900 or Android handsets? Now, add iPhone to the list. A hacker named NTAuthority has now created a jailbreak solution for users to jailbreak their PS3 with their iDevice. But before you get all excited, you must know that not all iOS devices are supported. The hack is at present possible only with the first generation models of iPod Touch, iPhone 2G/3G. Not even 3GS. They need to be jailbroken. Also, you will need VMWare Player, Ubuntu 10.04, OpeniBoot, WinSCP and OpenSSH. Check out the video of the jailbreak below. For the complete tutorial, click away.

You may not need this, but it’s necessary to make it clear that jailbreaking may void your warranty and also get you banned from the PSN. So the risk is on you.

PlayStation Move Now Available On Best Buy Stores

It has been quite a while since I wrote about the new PlayStation Move. The launch date was supposed to be September 15 in Europe and September 19 in USA. However, it now appears that at least one retailer may have jumped the gun. There are reports that Best Buy may have already begun stocking and selling the latest PlayStation accessory in their retail stores in United States. The new motion controller from Sony is learned to be at least available from the store in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

PlayStation Move is highly anticipated among PS 3 gamers and the latest rumors about the early launch is without doubt likely to create a rush of new visitors to Best Buy. But it will be interesting to see if Best Buy continues to sell or shelf them for now until the official release date happens.

Pre-Orders For Pink Dual Shock 3 Controller For PS3 Opens

Sony is learned to be prepping itself up for the launch of a new pink colored dual shock 3 controller that will go with its Playstation 3 console. This is according to the product being opened up for pre-orders on the gaming accessories store, GameStop. According to details posted on the website, the new dual shock 3 controller will hit the stores at a price of $55 and will be available starting September 21. That is less than a couple of weeks away.

We have been hearing a lot of news from the Playstation front. Sony has come up with some interesting additions over the past two months since the new firmware was offered. Recently, the company also introduced a new $299 model that will include features like Netflix streaming. The introduction of these new colored accessories seems to be in a move to appeal to the niche demographics of gamers.

Jailbreak Sony Playstation 3 Using A Tethered Palm Pre/Nokia N900

The jailbreaking solution for Sony Playstation 3 is going through a lot of sophistication. Last month, there were reports about a USB dongle that will provide you with a jailbreak for the PS3. This was soon contested by Sony and resulted in a ban. Nevertheless, at $170, I really don’t think too many people would have been interested. This was followed by another solution named PSGroove. This brought the jailbreak software to a modchip that costs something around $25-$30.

Now, here is the third iteration. DeviceMag is reporting that the mods and hacks to enabled the jailbreak are now available as mobile applications that can be ported to Nokia N900 or Palm Pre and consequently, you only need to tether your PS3 with one of these handsets to get the process done.

Of course, the procedure is neither simple nor safe. Jailbreaking is the number one way to lose your warranty and so you need to proceed at your own risk. Besides, the procedure also requires some knowledge about kernels and so you may proceed only if you understand all that you are doing. Check out the tutorials here.

PSGroove – Open Source PS Jailbreak Solution Released

Just days after Sony got a reprieve by winning an injunction against three Australian who sold a hack that allowed Playstation 3 owners run pirated games on their console, a new jailbreak solution has emerged. Called an open source PSJailbreak solution, the new PSGroove application is however an expensive choice. Users willing to jailbreak their devices will need to first download the code on to a USB development board from Teensy or the AT90USBKey in order to be able to run unsigned third party apps and games on their PS3. These boards can cost between $25-$30 if you don’t have them already.

The jailbreak solution still is not capable of handling ISO boots that is required to run backup games (or pirated if you are of the unscrupulous variety), but that could be coming soon.

Sony PlayStation Protection Plan Warranty Now On PSN

Sony announced earlier this week that the PlayStation Protection Plan – a warranty service for console owners who are too accident-prone will now be offered via the PlayStation Network. The PS Protection plan will offer extended coverage for manufacturer’s warranty for both PS2 and PS3 owners and is an optional service.

The service is available for those users who are within the first year of purchase of their console and extends the warranty period from 12 months to 24 months at a cost of $44.99. A two year extension plan is available for $59.99. These rates are however for those users who are not subscribed to PlayStation Plus. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can avail the two-year plan for $44.99. The plan will give users access to console hardware experts besides prepaid shipping boxes to ship defective consoles.