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Sep 4, 2010
Comments Off on “iPhone Stuck On ‘Searching’ Cell Signal Mode”

“iPhone Stuck On ‘Searching’ Cell Signal Mode”

It may have sometimes happened to you that your iPhone may have a problem reconnecting to a cellphone tower. In such cases, you would normally see a message that reads “Searching” that never really goes away even when you are actually close enough to a cell phone tower. In such cases, the only recourse that many resort to is to reboot the iPhone. While this trick works, it is often laborious since you have to go through the entire ordeal of rebooting that takes at least a few few minutes.

Do you have an alternative? Yes. Next time your iPhone is stuck on a “Searching” mode, simply go to Settings and turn on the Airplane mode. Once done, you may swipe off the airplane mode and shall notice that the iPhone will now be able to connect to the cellphone tower.

[via LifeHacker]

Sep 3, 2010
Comments Off on Is iPod Touch 4 An iPhone 4 Without A Phone?

Is iPod Touch 4 An iPhone 4 Without A Phone?

The newly unveiled iPod Touch 4 brings a lot of new features that Apple has borrowed from the iPhone 4 that was launched earlier this year. Most notably, the device is equipped with the same retina display, an Apple A4 chip and two cameras – one on the front and one on the rear.

Does it make the new iPod Touch an iPhone without a voice plan? As GigaOm points out, there are some pretty important functionalities that the upcoming version of iPod Touch will be missing that is hard to call the features on this device close to the iPhone 4.

Firstly, iPod Touch 4 will not carry a GPS chip. What that means is that users will not be able to use the hugely popular location based services when they are outside Wi-Fi coverage areas. Presently, iPod Touch users can only use LBS applications using the location data pulled from the Wi-Fi networks. Of course, even with a GPS chip on, this device cannot do much outside a Wi-Fi network primarily because the iPod Touch also misses 3G connectivity.

Following the successful launch of the iPad 3G model, it was widely speculated that the iPod Touch model too could come with a 3G data plan. But that was not to be.

Lastly, the rear-facing camera on the iPod Touch does not compare to the specs of even the older iPhone models. This is because the camera renders images at 960 x 720 pixel resolution which is approximately 0.7-Megapixels. That is completely unusable for capturing any picture worth, well, capturing.

What are your thoughts? Are you buying a new iPod Touch?

Aug 30, 2010
Comments Off on Mooncharge Solar-Powered Case For iPhone 4 Released

Mooncharge Solar-Powered Case For iPhone 4 Released

Solar powered charging mechanisms for the iPhone are not exactly new. Apple is learned to be developing a technology that will incorporate a solar panel on the iPhone’s back casing. More recently, we had written about a USB solar power charger for the iPhone that can offer some nice battery backup for your iDevice.

Now, here is another solar solution that is more convenient to use. A design company called FrostFire has released a new iPhone 4 case called Mooncharge that will also double up as a solar charger. The back side of the casing has a large solar panel that will generate power off direct sunlight and this is stored on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery at the base of the panel. The manufacturers say that twenty minutes of charging can provide 5 minutes of talking-time or 50 minutes of standby – nothing huge, but is still significant considering you will be saving significant power over a long-term. Of course, the device can also be charged via a USB cable off your wall-charger.

The Mooncharge iPhone 4 casing costs $70.

Aug 28, 2010
Comments Off on A Dual SIM Adapter Case For iPhone 4 To Toggle Networks

A Dual SIM Adapter Case For iPhone 4 To Toggle Networks

Are you the kind who has to constantly toggle between two networks on your unlocked iPhone 4? USBFever has launched a new adapter case that will make it easy to hop networks with their new Dual SIM adapter case. The case comes with a slot for you to house two SIM cards so that you may no longer worry about dropping or losing your tiny SIMs while on travel.

The dual SIM adapter case is available at a price of $30 and does not require you to cut or modify your SIM card sizes. One thing I am not convinced about is the look. The case, along with the strap to connect the SIM to the phone may not retain the native aesthetic looks on your iPhone. Nevertheless, if you are willing to give it a try, go ahead.

Dual SIM Adapter for iPhone 4

Aug 28, 2010
Comments Off on EA Sports iPhone Apps On Discount Sale This Weekend

EA Sports iPhone Apps On Discount Sale This Weekend

EA Sports has announced a massive discount sale on several of their popular gaming applications for the iPhone and iPad. The Need For Speed Shift app, that is normally available on the app store at a price of $6.99 is now available just at $3.99. Other apps that are now available on discount are NCAA Football, FIFA 10, NBA Live, Madden NFL 11 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

The discount on these iOS apps is as much as 86% and is noted to be only for the weekend – that’s between August 28 and August 29. The announcement is an exciting offer for most gamers since EA Sports makes some of the most exciting games for the Apple App Store. Also, a few of these apps are also in the top 100 and so are among the most sought after.

If you are excited, just head over to the App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and start downloading!

Aug 25, 2010
Guest Author

Drop boxes for your Apps, are they really better?

Since the release of the first iPhone, the general software format has remained relatively unchanged from model to model. A few months ago however, this trend changed and some new options became available for App organization for iPhone users. Back before this update, people with multiple apps (such as myself) had problems involving their apps being spread over numerous pages. This of course resulted in wasted time (and battery life) scrolling through the pages to find the right one.

When I installed the update, I immediately noticed a difference in the performance of my iPhone (like similar updates in the past). It ran smoother, faster and not as many glitches. It was after messing around that I accidently discovered the added option of being able to condense your apps into boxes or folders on a single screen. I thought to myself, “I am no longer going to have to browse through five pages of apps to find just the one I was looking for!” Alright, so this is what I thought until I got to the actual process of moving things around. I started by moving Apps from one page to the next which is easy enough but then I realized how poorly organized everything was. First, the categories offered when combining certain apps weren’t the best, resulting in me naming all 12 of the boxes. Secondly, once a category was set up, I was hoping certain apps could automatically be added, this feature however was nowhere in sight meaning a lot of time spent matching the apps to the right boxes. Finally, my third and biggest problem was the limited space in each box! There are certain categories I had to make two of which I guess is alright but I wasn’t that thrilled about at the time.

Despite my ranting and raving about how much the process of organizing my apps into the boxes with the new software sucked, I have a confession to make. I LOVE IT! It did take a little getting used to at first, but now that I know where all of my apps are according to the well named categories, the ease of use jumped exponentially. I went from spending anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds trying to find the app I was looking for down to anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds. Even though some of you may find this to be microscopic in terms of the time spent setting it up, think about the battery life you save from not running your iPhone as much as well as the added time to your day you will come away with not spent with your head down searching tirelessly for that one app you know you had.

All in all, Apple did this one right. I am very happy with the updates and the additional organization that has come to the iPhone and I feel has made its potential for what it can do even greater.

Michael Blumreich is a contributor for the aptly named computer review site, He’s currently a university student and lover of all things tech.

Aug 25, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Google Finance For iPhone, Android Revamped

If you are the kind of person who needs to keep following the stock market all the time, Google has just announced a revamped version of their Google Finance site that will make it much more compatible on Android and iPhone handsets.

In a recent blog post, the Google Finance team has noted that the team has now integrated stock tickers to Google searches even when they are performed over the mobile phone. The new site can be accessed either by typing in a stock on Google search or by tapping on the ‘Finance’ on the Google Mobile home page. The company has further stated that with this, the Google Finance experience will be more or less unified across the desktop and Android/iPhone platforms.

Google Finance

In addition to this, Android users can also access their stock quotes as a mobile app from the Marketplace.

Aug 25, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Ear Test3r – An iPhone App To Test Your Hearing Capacity

Does your family scowl at you for not responding the first time they called you? Want to check your hearing capacity? Here’s an iPhone app for that. Two’ve Lab have just released a new iPhone app that has been aptly named ‘Ear Test3r‘.

The app works by emitting 16 different sound waves between frequencies of 19.45Hz and 19.91kHz. You may test your ears by pressing START that will actually emit sound waves of these different frequencies. You may press the graph screen when you can start hearing on any of these different frequencies. The app will then plot your graph for you to understand your hearing capacity under these different frequencies.

Ear Tester iPhone App

I have not tested the app myself to give you a first hand review. But by all means, this looks like a useful tool for those of you who are doubtful of your auricular health. The app retails at $0.99 and can be downloaded from the App store by clicking here.

iOS Vs. Windows Phone 7 – Browser Speed Test

Windows Phone 7 devices may not have launched as yet. But the platform has been showing a lot of promise since the time it was unveiled by Microsoft earlier this year. So how does this platform compare with the hyped iOS platform? has performed an elaborate video comparison of the IE on a Windows Phone 7 based LG smartphone with Mobile Safari on an iPhone and with an Android handset. The video shows that IE on Windows Phone 7 is pretty much competitive with the browser load speed on the other two phones. However, do note that this is not the final version and there may be a few kinks that Microsoft may still be ironing out. Also, if Microsoft does end up bringing Flash on the device, expect some drop in performance too. But considering that the Windows Phone 7 phone here brings some interesting features like multiple tab management to the smartphone, it already holds a significant advantage over the iPhone.

This video should give you a good idea of how a Windows Phone 7 device would work out. I am excited about this!

Aug 21, 2010
Comments Off on How To Edit Google Docs On iPhone

How To Edit Google Docs On iPhone

Google has a Docs viewer web app for iPhone that will let you view all your Google documents. However, this application does not actually let you create or edit documents on the go. iGoogDocs is an iPhone app that will make it possible. The application is not just built for Google Docs, but for accessing over 20 of Google’s products including Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, News, Reader, Earth,etc.

With respect to Google Docs, the application will let you to create a new document, edit existing documents, save documents as a local file, as an attachment on email, defer it for a later upload or upload the changes directly to your Google account. The application also lets you translate your document to over 13 different languages.

iGoogDocs is available on the App Store at a price of $1.99. If you are looking for a free non-editing version of Google Docs, you can check out Memeo Connect. Got to know that the Docs editing feature is coming soon there as well.