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Nov 6, 2010
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How To Disable HDR Photography On iPhone 4

Sometime back I had written about a jailbreak tool called HDR Camera Enabler that would enable HDR photography on an iPhone 3GS even though that feature is disabled by default on the iOS. Now if you are looking for a counter feature – the ability to disable HDR photography on iPhone 4, here’s this new tool.

Before you start wondering if anyone will need this, do remember that HDR photography capture can be a power guzzler and some people may think it fit to enable and disable such features at will. If you are one such user, you need to check out the new jailbreak app called myOS. myOS is an application that is available on Cydia that makes it possible for iPhone users to enable/disable not just HDR photography, but all the other iOS features as well. The app lets you manage the following

  • Multitasking
  • Homescreen Wallpapers
  • Unified iPod
  • App Store
  • Contacts
  • HDR Photography
  • Game Center
  • Camera
  • Voice Control

myOS is available right now on the BigBoss repository and can be had at a price of $0.99. Check it out and let us know if you found it good.

Nov 4, 2010
Comments Off on Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iPhone 4,iPad & iPod Touch 4G With Redsn0w

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iPhone 4,iPad & iPod Touch 4G With Redsn0w

The iPhone Dev Team have released an enhanced version of the Redsn0w software that was released last month that let users of iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on their devices. The new Redsn0w 0.9.6b2 is capable of jailbreak all the iOS devices including iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and the iPad. The Dev team writes,

In the meantime, we’ve also incorporated the limera1n exploit into redsn0w.  But we’ve added a few extras:

  • custom bootlogos for iPhone3G/iPhone3GS/iPod2G users (with qualifying bootroms)
  • an option that implements the “DFU” button in PwnageTool.  This button (which you can use from Windows) lets you prepare your device for a custom DFU.  Even if you’re purely a Windows user, you can get a trusted friend to run PwnageTool over your IPSW to create a custom IPSW.  You can now install that custom IPSW on your own Windows box, after you run this redsn0w version.

The latest release is available for both the Windows and Mac platforms and makes use of the very same Limera1n exploit that was used by George Hotz as well as the Chronic Dev team in their jailbreak releases. You can hit this link to read more about the latest update as well as on other important instructions.

Nov 2, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Buy iPhone 4 On Target From November 7

Apple has been pretty well expanding the retail presence of the iDevices in the past few weeks. After retailers like the Wal-Mart and Best Buy started to sell the iPhones on their retail shelves, it is now the turn of another popular American retailer, Target, to join them. Starting November 7, Target customers shall be able to purchase iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS from 846 of the Target stores from across the United States.

This launch could be particularly a good deal if you also have old electronic items like MP3 players, cell phones and video games to dispose. Target is currently offering credits for such trade-ins that could be used to fund your iPhone purchase. The opening up of the Target shelves to iPhone is also significant in that the company is expanding focus on its mobile services offerings across all their retail stores which it expects to complete by mid-2011.

Oct 25, 2010
Comments Off on Find Out Who’s Spying/Stolen Your iPhone 4 With New App

Find Out Who’s Spying/Stolen Your iPhone 4 With New App

One thing that is commonplace when an iPhone (or for that matter any gadget) gets stolen or spied upon is that the thief attempts to unlock your device by trial and error with a series of passcodes. iGotYa is a new iPhone application that makes use of this common user behavior to help owners find culprits.

iGotYa is set up in such a way that the application will take a picture as well as tag the location of the iPhone every time a user inputs a wrong passcode. This is assuming the person uses the trial and error method to break into the phone. This picture is taken with the front camera of the iPhone 4 and the picture and location details are sent down to an already specified email address of the owner.  The application also has other options like letting the thief in, but hiding sensitive details like messages, call history, mail,etc.

iGotya Cydia app

Now the sad part is that this application is not available for non-jailbroken iPhones. For those who have already jailbroken their device, you can check the app out on the ModMyi repository on Cydia and can purchase it for $4.99.

Oct 19, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

CDMA iPhone 4 Launch Imminent?

According to a fresh report on the BGR, Apple is presently in the final stages of testing the iPhone model 3,2 – that’s assumed to be the much anticipated CDMA iPhone. According to the sources, the new model of the iPhone has hit the “AP” testing phase which is said to be the final stage where the unit will feature the finalized versions of the hardware and software and is noted to be the last test stage before the unit is approved for a retail release.

If true, this is the first time that Apple has broken the yearly release cycle for the iPhone. The new phone that is expected to launch in early 2011 will also feature a revised antenna design that will solve the network reception issue that has plagued the current model of iPhone 4 for a long time. This new model might also house a SIM card for global roaming capabilities.

Oct 15, 2010
Comments Off on Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iPhone 4 With Mac Compatible Limera1n

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iPhone 4 With Mac Compatible Limera1n

George Hotz, known as GeoHot to the jailbreaking community, has announced that a Mac compatible version of the iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool, the Limera1n is now available for download. With this, users of PC as well as Mac computers can now connect their iDevices to a computer to jailbreak the iOS platform.

The past one week has been extremely eventful for the iPhone jailbreakers. Posixninja, another popular jailbreak team was all set to bring their SHAtter exploit based jailbreaking solution to the iPhone before GeoHot one-upped them by launching his own version of jailbreaking software. This has forced the Dev Team to save the exploit for a later date and have modified their jailbreak solution to make use of GeoHot’s exploit. A Mac solution from Posixninja is still awaited.

Nevertheless, if you are a Mac user waiting to jailbreak your iPhone 4 immediately, hit this link to proceed to the Limera1n website. Jailbreaking is dangerous and you know it. So you proceed at your own risk.

Oct 8, 2010
Comments Off on iPhone 4 Cases Causing Rear Glass Pane To Crack?

iPhone 4 Cases Causing Rear Glass Pane To Crack?

Apple may have been selling their new iPhone 4 like hotcakes. But there is no denying the fact that the launch has brought about several challenges to Apple engineers. The death grip and proximity sensor issues definitely take the lead, but there are several other challenges too that have surfaced time and again.

It seems that these issues fail to die down. We are now hearing that a new issue is brewing up at Cupertino over the possibility of the rear glass pane of the iPhone 4 to crack due to third party cases licensed by Apple. The issue is not exactly with the free bumpers that Apple offered to their iPhone 4 customers, but with other slide-on cases that are popular among iPhone users. Gdgt writes,

“Apple has apparently found that non-bumper style cases — specifically those that slide onto the iPhone 4, which are occasionally prone to particulate matter getting caught between the rear of the phone and the case — can cause unexpected scratching that could quickly develop into full-on cracking or even much larger fracturing of the entire rear pane of glass. To put it another way: Apple is afraid you might buy a standard slide-on iPhone case, put it on your phone, and then discover the next time you take it off that the entire back of your device has been shattered by no fault of your own.”

The report notes that though this issue is yet to see any widespread prevalence, Apple is already working to ensure this issue does not affect future products. That could mean that the next generation iPhone may not be having a glass back.

Oct 7, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

CDMA iPhone On Verizon To Launch In Early 2011

By now, you should be really tired of hearing those Verizon iPhone rumors. As a matter of fact, Ivan Seidenberg; the CEO with Verizon Communications had recently indicated that a Verizon iPhone was not likely until the carrier moved to its new 4G network that will not be until later next year. However, that doesn’t seem to have dampened the rumor mongers as the Wall Street Journal has now reported that Apple is now working on a CDMA iPhone that will launch on Verizon early next year.

Citing people “familiar with the matter“, the WSJ has noted that “Apple plans to begin mass producing the new iPhone by the end of the year, and it would be released in the first quarter of 2011“. These new iPhones are expected to look pretty similar to the newly launched iPhone 4 though it would be based on the alternate wireless technology supported by Verizon.

Since such anonymous people familiar with the matter have been speculating a CDMA iPhone for years now, it is not a bad idea to stay skeptical for the moment. What do you think?

Oct 2, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Angry Birds For iPhone 4 – New Game Center Support Included

Angry Birds is definitely one of the most popular gaming applications on the iPhone and recently, the developers have also been taking the game to other popular mobile platforms. Now in a recent update to the iOS app itself, Rovio Mobile – the Finland based developers of the game – have included support for retina display.

This is not the only significant change though. The new Angry Birds update for the App Store is now integrated with Game Center; Apple’s new iOS based social gaming network that lets users challenge and play against other iOS users. Other changes in the recent update include additional 15 levels, new golden egg sound board, localization in Chinese, Japanese and a better optimized memory usage.

You can purchase the full version of Angry Birds from the App Store for $0.99 by clicking here.

Sep 18, 2010
Comments Off on White iPhone 4 Launch Date Rumors Surface Again

White iPhone 4 Launch Date Rumors Surface Again

By now, many of you may have already given up on your hope to lay hands on a white iPhone 4. After all the hype and hoopla during launch, the white iPhone today is more or less forgotten. While the device was earlier speculated to have been delayed just by a few weeks, Apple later confirmed that the phone will be available not until later this year.

We are just three months away from new year and so there are doubts over Apple’s launch plans. However, in a recent email exchange, Steve Jobs has purportedly indicated that the phone may be available by Christmas. While the authenticity of this email is questionable, this is what the Apple customer wrote in his email

“I want the white one but Apple said it won’t be available until later this year. I know you must be asked this question hundreds of times a day but do you think we can expect to get the white iphone for xmas?
I hope you can answer. Thank you Steve.”

And Steve is reported to have replied,

“Christmas is later this year.”

So there you go. Even though we are not sure if this is genuine, the launch of a white-colored model for the Christmas season does make sense and we hope it turns out to be true.