New iOS Update Release Date Delayed Till 2011

Sometime last week, there was a rumor that suggested that Apple could be releasing the next version of the iOS – version 4.3 – as early as mid-December. The sources pointed out that the release could bring in-app subscriptions and several bug fixes to the iPhone platform.

Now there is word that this rumor may not be so true after all. Reports now indicate that Apple may have delayed the release of iOS 4.3 until early 2011. Now “delayed” may not be the best word here since it is not clear if the release actually got postponed or whether this rumor was false in the first place.

This is not all. Apparently, we will also not be seeing the release of iPad Magazine anytime soon. It was earlier speculated that since the News Corp iPad magazine was rumored to launch this year, the iOS release too could follow shortly since the magazine will require a software upgrade. Now, with the iOS 4.3 release date being pushed to next year, the News Corp magazine too may not release anytime this year.

Get Free iPad In Japan With Softbank “iPad For Everybody” Plan

Japanese carrier Softbank has launched a new plan called “iPad for everybody” that will let users sign up for a free 16GB iPad provided they also subscribe to a 25 month contract. This offer will mean users will have to shell out ¥4725 ($56; £36) a month in return for getting the device for free.

We do not have more info on the details of the contract. But from first sight, it looks like a deal to make up for a possible lackluster performance of the device in the market. However, according to Moconews, the attractive offer is targeted at people who may not be able to afford the marked price of $629 in order to expand the iPad base ahead of the launch of iAd in Japan next year. Apple has partnered with local company Dentsu for the new advertising venture.

Eitherway, this is one of the more attractive iPad promotion offers and if you are in Japan, go ahead and make your iPad purchase rightaway.

New iPad 2 Release Date In January 2011?

A lot of rumors surrounding the next generation iPad have been doing the rounds over the past couple of weeks. The first rumor pegged the launch date for April 2011. A more recent speculation was on the features – a total of five new features including USB support and retina display is on the cards.

Now according to yet another unsubstantiated rumor, the new iPad 2 could be coming in January 2011. Now there is not too much juice behind this rumor; as was with the earlier rounds. But from what I see, if true, this could be a repeat of the launch plans with the original model where the device was unveiled in January and was launched in April this year.

But that sounds unlikely this time considering that Apple may not want to slow down the sale of the current model by announcing a new product so early. Nevertheless this is an interesting rumor that we would like to keep track of.

Has Find My iPhone Email-Verification Process Got A Bug?

Apple has made the Find My iPhone on MobileMe available for free on the latest version of iOS 4.2. While this is indeed a very nifty feature, a lot of users are complaining that they have been facing problems in verifying their email address while signing up for the service.

Apparently, users are notified that they would need to activate the service by clicking on a link in an email. Following the instructions however does not seem to activate the service. Here is an excerpt from the lengthy discussion on the Apple support forums

“I want to take advantage of the Find My iProduct feature that comes with the new iOS 4.2 update. I added a MobileMe account on my iPad using my Apple ID, then received a note saying I needed to verify my email address before it would become active. A few minutes later, I received the verification email and clicked on the link to verify. After another minute or two, I rechecked my MobileMe account on the iPad but it’s showing as “Not Verified”. I tried to re-verify by clicking on the link in the email and I was taken back to Apple’s website with a message that my email was already verified. When I go to my account settings on the MobileMe site it still shows the email address as not verified.”

“I’m guessing most people are in the same boat as me and never had Mobile Me accounts. From the beginning I used my Apple ID (which is an email address), which I also confirmed through the Apple ID account page. I even deleted my secondary email on that account to make sure only 1 email address is tied to it. Using our email as our Apple ID does not solve this issue”

For some users, the issue appears to have resolved by itself after a few days of trial. There are a few solutions posted too. You may want to check out one of these

“Change your APPLE ID to the E-mail address you have on file-when you sign into the Apple ID page on the bottom there is a little warning sign that says “change your Apple ID to…” just click submit and use the e-mail as your apple id-Because when u ADD an e-mail account to the device it actually is asking for e-mail type as ID-so your APPLE ID should be set to your primary e-mail.

After you do all this changes go to my next step:

Now when signing into your mobileme account on your device ( iPhone, iPad etc ) if you use the FREE .ME account sign in with the APPLE ID-which is the e-mail u used as PRIMARY or press DELETE ACCOUNT and create a NEW one with the same APPLE ID u used before.

If u use the APP do the same thing use your changed APPLE ID (the e-mail thats set as primary) and password”

If you are a user who has been affected, do let us know if this solves the problem.

iPad On Three UK Launching In “Coming Months”

Apple and its Android rivals have been treading a slightly different strategy when it comes to its distribution strategies. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been made available on most of the carriers of note, Apple has made the iPad available quite selectively.

Now with competition heating up and the launch of iPad 2 a few months away, it looks like Apple would be expanding its distribution reach. UK carrier 3 has just revealed that the carrier would be stocking the original iPad on its stores in the “coming months“. The company has indicated that both the Wi-Fi only model as well as the 3G-enabled model shall be put on sale though the exact launch date has not been revealed.

This should be interesting given that iPad 2 is speculated to launch in April this year. That would mean news about the launch could be announced at least a month before – in March perhaps. Any launch of the original iPad on 3 after this would bring little to no sale since the customers would rather want to wait and buy the newer model. Makes you think an early February launch is possible.

New Apple iPhone Headphones Contract Awarded To Taiwan OEMs

The headphones that came with your iPhone box were made in Japan by a company named FOSTER. Those that come with the next generation iPhone may however come manufactured in Taiwan. Apple is learned to have ended its contract with FOSTER and has instead offered fresh contracts to two Taiwanese companies for the manufacture of these accessories. The total value of the contract is expected to be valued at over $300 million.

Cheng Uei, one of the companies who have been awarded the contract, will be manufacturing cords, speakers and control switches whereas Hon Hai, the other company will be inserting the wires and be assembling the ear buds. Apple has already engaged in business with both these companies. While Hon Hai aka Foxconn has bagged several high profile Apple contracts in the past, Cheng Uei is a company that Apple works with in the manufacture of chargers for the iPad.

Both companies are learned to be expanding their facilities to increase output.

Next Generation iPad To Feature USB Support & Retina Display

If rumors about the launch date of the next generation iPad are to be believed, then we are at least a quarter away from seeing this new iPad 2 on the shelves of retail stores. However, we are already starting to hear about the features that this new iPad could come with. According to reports published on a Chinese daily, the second generation of iPad could come with as many as five new features.

The newspaper claims that iPad 2 will offer video calling, a retina display, a 3-axis gyroscope and USB support. The publication also backs earlier claims that the new tablet device could be thinner than the current model.

While of course these are rumors and do not need substantiation, I am a little doubtful about the retina display at least. The addition of this new display technology on iPhone 4 was not smooth to say the least with several customers complaining about issues with discoloration.

Introduction of a similar feature on the iPad is not only going to make this a lot more expensive but could also bring more troubles to Apple as far as its hardware bugs go. There has been no paucity of the same in recent times and Cupertino wouldn’t want more.

iOS 4.2 Bug Causing MobileMe “Password Wrong” Error

Over the past few days since iOS 4.2 got ready for its roll out, users seem to have been noticing a problem in signing into their MobileMe accounts. The complaint is that the system fails to let them into the account on the web as well as on the iDevice citing wrong password entry. This is despite the user entering the right password.

The problem is not exactly with iOS 4.2, but could instead be because of the new Apple ID integration that has been offered. So is there a fix as yet? From what we hear, users may be able to login the second time they enter the password over the web at On the iPhone or iPad, the account seems to sync as usual even though you have this password error.

Another way to resolve the bug appears to be by switching to the older account for the time being. You may come back to the account once this issue gets resolved by Apple.

Did any of these work? Write to us in the comments.

New iPad Production Lines Open For Holiday Demand

Foxconn is reported to have opened up new plants in Chengdu, China to cater to ever growing demand for iPad that is expected to peak during the Christmas holiday season. The plant is producing only around 10,000 units a day at the moment. But that is expected to pick up over the next few months with the new plant expected to serve as a major supply hub by Q1, 2011. The annual capacity at that point is expected to be around 40 million units.

For a perspective on how Apple sees the demand for iPads growing, consider this. All the iPads supplied till now have come from Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant that has a monthly capacity of 2.5 million units. Do the math, and you know this is smaller than what the new Chengdu plant will serve.

Apple’s next generation iPad is expected to launch in April 2011 and the new plant should be running at full capacity by that time.

iOS 4.3 Release Date & New Features Rumors

After several delays, it was just yesterday, quite literally, that the new iOS 4.2.1 was released to the public. However, the rumor mills have already moved on to the next big update. According to a fresh report, Apple could be releasing its next big update for the iOS platform, the iOS 4.3, as early as next month.

The sources have pointed out to a possible December 13 release date. However, it is not clear whether the update will actually happen on this date. This is because of the delays seen with the recently launched iOS. Apple was scheduled to launch iOS 4.2 as early as October 26. This however got initially delayed due to problems in the display of Japanese characters. There was another major delay early this month due to Wi-Fi connectivity issues observed on iPads. All this meant that Apple had to endure a three week delay in the launch of its iOS platform. It is quite possible that this delay rubs off on the planned release of the next update.

So what can we expect in the next version of iOS? The sources indicate that apart from bug fixes, one major annoucement could be app subscriptions. We have been hearing about an iPad-only newspaper from News Corp in the works. Such a subscription model will require a software update that is expected to come with the iOS 4.3 release.

Of course, it is speculation at this point. Let’s wait for more words to come in.