Facebook IPO May Happen Only In 2012

Facebook has been crossing one milestone after another in the past few months. The company announced the registration of the network’s 500 millionth member earlier this month and according to a recent estimate by Inside Facebook, the world’s largest social networking service could make as much as $1.1 billion in 2010.

Looking at the fast growth over the past few months and also the uncertainty that exists in the longer term – MySpace dropped down the cliff in less than two years time – it was popularly speculated that Facebook may choose to file for an IPO by next year.

However, according to a recent revelation on Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook may have decided to put off the company’s initial public offering at the stock markets by at least a year. The reason, it is believed, is to ensure that the company earns more users and revenues without the additional scrutiny that comes with going public.

With revenues of $1.1 billion, that growth may be possible. However, the company may also be losing out on building a much more robust cash chest by delaying the IPO filing. With Google rumored to be working on a social networking rival, there are external threats to Facebook as well in the long term. I would have personally wanted Facebook to go for an IPO sooner. What do you think?

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