How To Video Chat On Facebook

With over 500 million users, Facebook is without doubt one of the most popular websites on the planet. But it’s a pity that the chat functionality on Facebook is nothing more than elementary. Fortunately though, Facebook supports third party applications that bring additional functionalities to the Facebook platform.

vChatter is one such application that brings video chatting functionality to Facebook. To start video chatting with your friends and with other random Facebook users, you have to do the following

1. Click here to visit the vChatter app page
2. You will see a prominent ‘Continue‘ button. Press the button to install the app
3. Facebook will now prompt you to ‘Allow‘ the application to access your account information. Click appropriately
4. You will now be taken to the vChatter
5. Click on the ‘Play‘ button
6. You can now type the name of your friend you want to chat with on the right side pane. Press ‘Invite‘ against their name.
7. Your friends will now receive an invite to join.
8. Alternately, you can chat with random people by pressing the ‘Chat Next Shuffle‘ button

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