Facebook Launching Threaded Commenting System [Updated]

Update : The ever-reliable Nick O’Neil from Social Times clarifies – “That isn’t actually threaded comments. ┬áIt’s the new share format.”

Looks like something’s new brewing up at Facebook. The world’s largest social network appears to be experimenting with a new threaded commenting system. At present only a select few users are noted to be seeing the feature enabled on their profile. The new threaded commenting system will allow users to comment on comments made by other friends. This is pretty similar to the ‘Like’ function that was recently introduced on comments by Facebook.

Facebook Threaded Comment

The threaded commenting system at present looks like only two-level deep. I am yet to come across those that are more deeper than that at the moment. There is no announcement about this on the Facebook blog as of now. Do you see this feature on your profile? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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