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Oct 12, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Price Of T-Mobile G2 On Amazon Reduced To $99

It’s not been long since the T-Mobile G2 was launched but looks like there are not too many people queuing up to get hold of this one. Amazon has announced […]

Oct 5, 2010
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Now Buy iPad Online At Amazon

It has been over six months since the iPad first launched in the US market and it is only natural that the sale numbers are now seeing a dip. Quite expectedly then, Apple has been opening up the sale channels in order to maximize the sale of the tablet computers. Soon after Target announced that […]

Sep 28, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Amazon “Kindle For The Web” Launches

Amazon has released a beta version of the new “Kindle for the web” feature that allows its users to surf through samples of their digital books before going for a […]

Sep 28, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Amazon Tablet With Native App Store In The Works

Amazon may be working on launching their own Android-based tablet computer. This could be pretty different from the Kindle in that unlike the eReader, the new tablet will not be […]

Sep 25, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Play Scrabble On Amazon Kindle With New Application

Amazon Kindle has just received its first paid app from a third party developer – Scrabble from EA. The application will let users play single or multi-player games from a […]

Jailbreak For New Amazon Kindle Available Now

If you have owned one of the older Kindles, you may know that jailbreaking the device actually gives you a lot of more options when it comes to interacting with […]

Sep 20, 2010
Comments Off on Amazon Movie Rental Business May Get Boost With LoveFilm Acquisition

Amazon Movie Rental Business May Get Boost With LoveFilm Acquisition

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), the largest online retailer is learned to be negotiating with UK based DVD rental company, LoveFilm for a possible acquisition. According to reports on the Sunday Times, Amazon has made an offer that values the British company at close to 200 million Pounds ($313 million). As of now, this is still a speculation […]

Sep 17, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Buy PlayStation Move Online Now At Amazon

Today is the official launch day for the new PlayStation Move from Sony. The accessory is already up on sale on the Amazon website at a price of $99.99. Not […]

Sep 2, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

It’s iTunes TV Rentals Vs. Amazon VOD Now

Two things happened yesterday – Apple announced their new TV show rentals service and Amazon unveiled their new VOD system as well. There are plenty of similarities between the two […]

Sep 1, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

New Amazon TV Show Subscription Service In The Works

Yet another tech giant is jumping the TV bandwagon. According to reports on the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is planning to launch its own internet based TV subscription service that […]