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Feb 12, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

AT&T Comes Up With a New Gaming Platform For Androids

AT&T, which is heavily investing into Google’s Android based phones is coming up with a new social gaming platform for these phones. This move happens to come as AT&T has […]

Will The iOS 4.3 Beta Support Gaming on Apple TV?

If rumors are to be believed, the code of iOS 4.3 Beta contains a possible gaming and controller option for the Apple TV. According to the rumors, Apple TV could […]

Feb 7, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

NGP and PS3 To Complement Each Other

Sony wants to make its PSP 2 or NGP (Next generation Portable) a much wanted addition to its gaming consoles than just be a second fiddle to PS3. At a […]

Feb 5, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Prices of Gaming Consoles To Drop Soon?

I know this would come as a shock more than a surprise to many avid gamers. Analysts are predicting the prices of all the leading consoles – PS3, Xbox and […]

Sony NGP To Hit Markets This Year

Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s 3DS is here – Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP). Only a rumor up to now, Sony’s NGP has finally become a reality with its announcement on […]

PS3 3.56 Firmware Update – Hackers Crack This One Too!

Sony Corp. has released the new firware 3.56 update for its PS3 consoles. This update is a move by Sony to stop any jailbreaking activity and stop the hacks and […]

Jan 27, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Sony PlayStation Suite For Android Phones Unveiled

Sony today unveiled its latest mobile gaming platform aimed at Android devices. Called the PlayStation Suite, the new mobile gaming platform will let Android users buy, download and play PSP […]

Jan 14, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Sony PSP2 Specs As Powerful as PlayStation 3

Sony is yet to officially announce its new portable gaming console, but we all know it is in the works. With competition from the likes of Nintendo heating up, Sony […]

Jan 8, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Microsoft Kinect Causing XBox Red Ring Of Death Error

Microsoft’s XBox gaming consoles have been notorious for their ‘red ring of death‘ problem in the past. It is estimated that over 30% of the consoles have faced this issue […]