iPad Originally Priced At $399?

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad on Wednesday, everyone expected the price to touch $999. But to everyone’s astonishment, the price was nearly halved and the starting price was announced as $499 – something that got the world applauding. However, it now appears that the original price of the iPad was supposed to only be … Continue reading “iPad Originally Priced At $399?”

Microsoft’s Local Search Algorithm A Privacy Nightmare?

Local search is big and everyone is jumping into this segment. And for a fact, we all tend to realize that the local results from major search engines is nothing to brag about; except if you are in a high internet density area like New York or San Francisco. While companies have been devising different … Continue reading “Microsoft’s Local Search Algorithm A Privacy Nightmare?”

Bank Of America Brings Proximity-Based Authentication

Next time you forget your login credentials for your BoA account and ask for the password to be sent to your mobile phone, chances are that the system will track the location of your device as well. In a new patent filed by the company, the inventors claim one way of minimizing risks in false … Continue reading “Bank Of America Brings Proximity-Based Authentication”

Zune Phone : Further Evidence That It’s Coming

If Apple, Google can make their foray into the handset business, why can’t Microsoft do the same? Now there is further evidence that the much rumored Zune phone might actually be coming. Folks at IStartedSomething have detected a few lines of code referencing to the elusive Zune Phone in a recently updated Zune software. This Zune.INF … Continue reading “Zune Phone : Further Evidence That It’s Coming”

AMD Radeon HD 5830 Launch Delayed Due To Defect

AMD’s launch of the ATI Radon HD 5830 reference boards were expected to be made earlier this week. However, an apparent issue with the circuitry that was detected in the eleventh hour has prompted the company to delay the launch of the device and conduct further investigation on the product. A source speaking to Taiwanese … Continue reading “AMD Radeon HD 5830 Launch Delayed Due To Defect”

iPhone OS To Be Renamed iOS?

The iPhone OS is Apple’s Operating system that drives not just the iPhone, but also iPod touch. Now with Apple Tablet on the verge of being unveiled, yet another device running the iPhone OS is on the cards. Apparently, among the several announcements scheduled for the media event that is to happen in a few … Continue reading “iPhone OS To Be Renamed iOS?”

Farmville Users To Get ‘Pay By Facebook’ Option This Week

Users of the hugely popular social game on Facebook, Farmville can expect the ‘Pay By Facebook‘ option to be rolled out sometime this week. The Business Insider reveals that Facebook’s payment gateway integration is so close to being implemented on Farmville that it could have been introduced last week itself. The payment gateway is expected … Continue reading “Farmville Users To Get ‘Pay By Facebook’ Option This Week”

Motorola Developing The Nielsen Ratings Equivalent For Mobile TV Broadcasting

The Nielsen ratings is one of the best known tools for tracking television viewership and audience composition. This is widely popular across the world and is taken as the benchmark when it comes to assessing the popularity of television programs. However, with mobile TV getting prominence over the past few years, there does not exist … Continue reading “Motorola Developing The Nielsen Ratings Equivalent For Mobile TV Broadcasting”

Walmart To Sell Google Nexus One Phone?

When Google announced their foray into the smartphone business with the launch of Nexus One earlier this month, they also brought a new distribution model. The Nexus One was sold solely via the Google website cutting off the middlemen in the process. However, it now appears that the handset could also reach the shelves of … Continue reading “Walmart To Sell Google Nexus One Phone?”