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Aug 21, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

New Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Plans To Launch

Virgin Mobile may not be the most popular network in the American market. But the company surely has got a loyal subscriber base and according to a recent report, the company may be simplifying their Broadband2Go data plans to these users.

According to these rumors, Virgin Mobile may replace the current four-option plan with a new two-option plan. Currently, the four plans are in the $10-$60 price range that will give users data cap anywhere between 100MB and 5GB. With the new announcement though, there are only two plans to choose – a $10 plan that will offer up to 100MB for a 10 day validity and another $40 per month plan that offers unlimited data.

That should really get a lot of broadband users happy and should even get many of the $10 plan users to migrate to the larger $40 plan. The new plans are expected to go into effect from August 24.


  • I am outraged that Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go (B2G) is removing existing pricing plans for ‘already purchased’ MC760 devices. I bought mine on 6Aug2010 and immediately subscribed to the $20 one month service, which is sufficient for our needs.
    They are threatening to discontinue that limited service for the $40 unlimited service which we don’t need. We will be paying the extra $20 and get nothing for it.
    Existing owners MUST be entitled to use the old plans for a reasonable period, say 24 months.
    We’ll see……..

  • I was rather shocked to learn of the new options of either $10 for ten days or $40 for a month. #20 a month was a perfect balance of use and cost for me. I have been using this plan for only 3 months. I may have to look into some other method, although I’d rather not. PLEASE return the $20 option.

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