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Nov 10, 2010
Comments Off on Most Accessed Social Network From Mobile Phones

Most Accessed Social Network From Mobile Phones

A couple of years back, people “networked” with friends on Facebook and “updated their status” over Twitter. At least, that was the original idea that Twitter was built upon. However, as usage as proliferated, the use-case scenarios have changed too. Today, Facebook is the network people use more for status-updates. Twitter has mostly become a thought-sharing or link-sharing service.

So what does this mean to social network access from mobile phones. As a status update tool, Facebook today finds more usage among the mobile phone population than Twitter. That, along with the fact that Facebook enjoys a user base of over 500 million, has meant that Facebook is used by close to twice the number of mobile phone users as Twitter. Here is the % of mobile phone users accessing the various popular social networks

Facebook : 52%
Twitter : 24%
FourSquare : 5%
MySpace : 2%

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