YouTube On iPad/iPhone – Users Not Able To Sign In

Quite a few iPad and iPhone users have been reporting this morning that they have been unable to sign in to the iPad’s YouTube application to view their subscriptions and favorited videos. Users who attempt a login are shown a message that reads, “YouTube Not Available“.

A message on the Apple Support forums reads,

“When I try to log in to the YouTube app on my iPad I get a message telling me the YouTube app is unavailable and then logs back out. I have the correct user and pass so I’m not sure why it’s doing it. All other apps are ok and I am connected to the Internet.”

Now, it is not clear if this is a universal problem. I can however confirm that I am able to replicate the same issue on my iPhone 3G (yes, I love OLD phones) that runs on iOS 3.X.

Are you facing the same issue on your iPhone or iPad? Write down in the comments below.

YouTube not available

Update : The issue appears to be resolved. No more login problems. Strange though that YouTube has not acknowledged it either on their blog nor on Twitter.

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  1. I still can’t sign in using YouTube app. Maybe because I’m on jailbroken 3G with OS still on 3.0. Sucks big time.
    Guess I’ll just need to rely on the mobile YouTube version using safari. Anyway it’s better that way cos can directly link video to either Twitter or facebook which the app itself lags because of no updates.

  2. b00n,

    I am on a jailbroken iPhone 3G running an 3.x version of iOS as well and now I don’t have an issue signing in..It’s probably because of your geographical location..Just guessing..

  3. Yes, probably because of geographical location, either that or by their servers and partitions which hasn’t reached me by then.
    Anyway, I can sign in already.
    Seems weird as there’s still no news/clarifications on this matter.
    Good luck to others who are still trying.

  4. The youtube app gives “Authentication Failed”.

    Safari does not log me in but does not complain about incorrect username/password.
    If I use a random username/password it complains that it’s incorrect.

    iPad 3.2.2
    New Zealand

  5. I had the same problem as well on my iPhone 4.
    I activated push notifications, and was able to log right on.

  6. When I try to Upload a movie to YouTube from my iPhone it asks for my username and password. When I hit sign-in button after entering my credentials it doesn’t log me in it just shows the login popup again. The same credentials are working fine on YouTube’s webpage. This started happening few days back.

    BTW I’m on iPhone 3GS iOS 4.

  7. Here in England on holiday from Australia with my iPad (32GB, just WiFi) YouTube won’t load anything. Every time I try to click a button down the bottom it stops and says “could not connect to YouTube”. I know this isn’t a network problem because if I change networks, it’s still the same. I have tried a sync and after that didn’t work, I updated the iOS to 3.2.2. Still no luck….. Any suggestions? I’ve also tried using the Google public DNS.

  8. I’m in The Bay Area, aka Apple’s backyard. iPad came with YouTube installed but it doesn’t work. I can’t watch YouTube or any video. I’m so over this piece of sheet. I wish I had never bothered. I’m ready to sell on craigslist. Anyone want a barely used iPad?

  9. I had this same problem of this on my ipad. I think i found the fix. turn off ‘Cellular data’ in the Settings/control panel.
    thats it!!! 🙂

  10. iPod touch does not have a “Cellular data” setting. So, I still cannot sign in to YouTube with my 2G-3G ipod. But, on PC, password works OK. Maybe “joe” (above) is correct with his “conspiracy theory”. ha,ha.

  11. When I started using you tube on my 3G 4.0. iPhone after quite a long gap last week, message “youtube-not-available” appeared. I thought some site related issue and did not bother much. Now, I realize that this problem is common and being faced by apple “community” over. Is there any solution?

  12. This is what worked for me: go to the other computer that you used your YouTube account and log out. If you’ve already cleared your cookies or browser history on that computer or can’t remember what computer you used your YouTube account on, find a computer and login and then logout on the other computer. The point is to make sure you are fully logged out of your YouTube account. Then find the login button on your iPhone YouTube app and login. Cheers!

  13. May 2012 and my ipad2 won’t let me like a video, share a video or save! grrr

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