Why Is The White iPhone 4 Delayed?

This is one question that Apple does not want to answer besides muttering “manufacturing challenges” every once in a while. The phone that Steve Jobs unveiled with much fanfare during the WWDC event this year is not being released “until later this year” and nobody has a clue as to what these manufacturing challenges are.

That does not however silence the speculators. Earlier speculations pointed out to a possibility for the white iPhone to be redesigned with realigned antenna band that would undo the antenna reception problems that have made the new iPhone 4 a household name. Later, there were more speculations that the white colored glass panel could be causing quality issues that is hindering the launch. More recently, there were reports that suggested that the white iPhone panels could be leaking light.

Now here’s one more. Folks at WhiteiPhone4Now – the company that offers DIY kit to turn your black iPhone 4 white have revealed from “sources” that the delay is potentially due to a glitch in the manufacturing process that resulted in rough and bent frames. The company has also published images to bolster their claim.
Old white iPhone 4 front frame
According to the sources, Apple has already addressed these issues with a new manufacturing process which could mean that the white iPhone may soon be on the way.

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