New Silicone Bumpers For iPhone 4 To Be Launched By Apple

Folks at iLounge have got hold of a number of new rumors about the next generation iPhone, iPod and iPad. Of course, you may have read most of them on other blogs by now. Basically, we hear that the next-gen iPad and iPod are going to be a tad smaller than the current models. Also, Apple is expected to advance the launch of iPhone 5G as early as January 2011 because of the antenna issues on iPhone 4.

Besides these, a lesser talked revelation is about an all-silicone version of iPhone bumpers that is expected to be released post-September. According to the source, Apple had known about the antenna issue well before the launch of the new iPhone which was the primary reason behind the production of the new bumpers.

The original unreleased bumper model is reported to have contained more plastic to it. In fact, Apple considered moving bumpers as part of the iPhone 4 package before deciding at the final moment to do away with the plan. However, with the company now having decided to give away bumpers for free until September, the source claims that the bumpers sold after September will be  a less-expensive silicone version. It is however unclear if Apple would sell them at a lower cost, considering that they may now be looking to recoup the costs incurred from the iPhone 4 Case Program.

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