New iPad 2 Features – Camera, Mini-USB [Rumors]

The Apple iPad has only recently been seeing some worthy competition from Samsung and RIM. Both these rivals are looking at the holiday season as the perfect season to take on competition from the iPad and it is easy to think Apple too could be launching a mini-iPad that is closer in form factor and size to these tablet rivals.

However, according to recent reports on the AppleInsider, Apple may not be launching a smaller iPad anytime soon. Instead, the company is reported to be working on a second generation 9.7″ display iPad that could come with additional features like a camera and a mini-USB.

“The analysts also said their checks found that “the 7” iPad project has not yet been finalized” and therefore said its “unlikely to be launched ahead of the new 9.7” iPad”. According to the pair, the new 9.7-inch iPad “is targeted to be thinner and lighter, with an embedded camera and mini USB.” It “could be launched in early” second quarter of 2011, they said.”

Apple has been rigorously working on popularizing its new FaceTime video calling service and so a camera was always expected. Also, considering that the iPad is a media consumption device, it makes sense to get the device lighter. Nevertheless, by not launching a unit for Christmas, Apple could not only be missing an attractive business opportunity, but could also be giving competition a free reign for the holiday season. What do you think?

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  1. keeping 9.7-inch and adding cameras are the best choice.Honestly speaking, The most important reazon is that the screen size is very comfortable, which can make me enjoying movies on my ipad, not so, i also order a Aneesoft dvd to ipad converter and Netflix app, both all can make my “home theater” more perfect! B) but if Apple reduce the ipad size to 7-inch, I I would rather use my cell phone whtch movie.

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