iPhone Not Charging From Wall Charger? Try These Fixes

There is one long running thread on the MacRumors forums (since 2007) where several users have complained that they have not been able to charge their iPhones from a wall charger. Apparently, there is no issue when the same cable is used to charge from a computer or while using a charger to power an iPod from the wall.

This is not a very prevalent case since not many users appear to have come across such a bug, but in case you are facing such an issue, there is a likelihood for the problem to lie with your software. Apparently, the iPhone does not indicate that it’s getting charged though the battery indeed is being powered. In such a case, simply try a soft reset – hold the Home button and Power button down together for a few seconds and perform a reset. This should fix the problem.

To some users, merely charging on a second wall socket seems to have worked.

“I tried charging it using a different wall socket and it worked. When i switched back to the original wall socket, it worked again. Wierd.”

And then, there’s this third alternative that seems to fix the issue, though it sounds more like finger gymnastics

1. switch the mute switch 4 times (up, down, up down)
2. now press home and power for 6-10 seconds
3. wait 30 seconds and turn back on

Are you one of those facing this issue? Does any of these solutions work on your iPhone? Write down in the comments.

17 thoughts on “iPhone Not Charging From Wall Charger? Try These Fixes”

  1. I have tried all this and no luck. I tried to let the battery run out and when I recharged it worked then once
    Battery was full green it suddenly went red again.

    Any other thought please advice.

  2. This is a software issue.

    My wife had has this problem for a while using a wall charger. I didn’t.
    As soon as I upgrading to OS 4.1, I got the same problem.

    Same phone, same cable, same wall socket, the only thing changed was the OS version.

  3. tried this to solve the prob. still wont turn on
    it shoes the lightning icon but it stays like that for the whole time

    any other solution?

  4. my phone just switched off for reason this morning. tried charging and nothing! tried the finger gymnastics you suggested and it worked straight away. AMAZING

  5. iPhone users,

    I couldn’t have been in a nasty situation. I got this iPhone from last year or so from US (3g/32 GB) and all of a sudden it seems not to be charging. I have tried diffferent ways mentioned here and in other forums but nothing has worked in my favor.

    Whenever I plug-in, I just see the red battery with a Harry Potter scar below. Can someone please help me with this? I feel helpless with my novice knowledge about this device.

    Someone please? I can share my phone number if someone would like to know the details. I stay in Bangalore, India.

  6. Folks,

    It turned on all by itself and I charge it for half a day. I remove and talk for a minute it got switched off.

    Is iPhone working consistently based on a person’s luck? I am so skeptical about this thing now. Have had too many experiences with this ‘smart’ device.

  7. My iPhone 3G was totally drained and i wasnt able to connect it to a charger for like two weeks. when i finally connected it to a wall charger, the lightning icon keeps appearing and the apple logo would show up and my springboard appears. but then the battery indicator tells that it has 20% battery and it doesnt progressing. tried to turn it off and removed the plug but same thing happens.
    what’s wrong with it?

  8. i also having the same problem charging my iphone 3gs using a wall charger.. its didnt do anything when i plugged it.. but when i connect it on my pc its working.. can i say that the only problem is the wall charger itself and not the iphone? but i dont remember any incident of dropped or water issue on the wall charger.. this is really weird..

  9. Who came up with these bullshit instructions? Of course it won’t magically start working if you do these moronic things, the fucking things are just fucked beyond repair

  10. my iphone 3g is not charging either on wall socket and usb i gave to change the pin also but its not working still can u help me to resolve it tat i have to change the battery or wat pls forward solution to my email id……….

  11. I used the third method, switching the mute button up and down four times, then turning the phone off, then back on and it worked like a charm. I had already purchased another charger thinking that was the problem so was thrilled this worked before buying any additional items. I can always use another charger:)

  12. My i phone 6s had this same problem. It was not charging from my wall charger randomly. Im guessing this is from using my comp and car to charge it all the time. So i tryed the finger gymnastics with the soft reset and it worked! I can charge my phone with the wall charger now! Thank you so much the good advice!

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