iPhone 4 Users Noticing Slow Wi-Fi Network Connection

Okay. You can add this to the growing list of problems iPhone 4 users have been facing on their brand new iPhone 4 – yes, the same mobile phone that Steve Jobs called magical. The Apple Support forum has a several users complaining about the painfully slow Wi-Fi connection speed on their iPhone 4.

While this issue may seem to be connected to the more prevalent issue with the iPhone’s antenna band, some users have also noted that this may be a separate issue in itself. Do note that the iPhone 4 has two antenna bands – one that takes care of GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-fi while the other takes care of cellular reception.

Here are some complaints pulled from the Support discussion

“Got home tested it out and still slow wifi. By slow i’m talking about 10 kilobits per second! My 3GS was still chugging along at a nice steady 1600kbps…Not content with leaving it at that, I went out and got a new router, its a Belkin “N” Wireless router. So now I have the option of b, g, & n wireless signals. (My old router only did up to G) So finially got it all installed and running, and the speed is faster on the iP4 but its not stable. I have it sat directly next to my iMac which picks up approx 1600kbps, and the iP4 is getting about 800-900kbps… I think the fact that both my iMac and 3GS work on my normal network and router and the iPhone 4 doesn’t, means that the iP4 is the culprit.”

“I got my new iPhone 4 today and I immediately noticed the wifi issues. I have seen the signal strength, drop dramatically. Especially when I compare it to my 3G.

In my Family Room couch which is about 40 feet from my router. My 3G still sees the Wifi and performs well. The new iPhone 4 hardly sees the signal. Using the WifiTrak App, at about 5 feet from router, my 3G shows the strength as -26, and the iPhone 4 is at -43.”

“Doing a soft reset (i.e. holding down home and power buttons until the white Apple appears) seems to clear the problem for a while, then it comes back.”

However, to be fair, not all units appear to be having an issue. So, if you are one of those facing the problem, fix up an appointment with Apple Care and persuade to have your device replaced. Do not forget to test the Wi-Fi before accepting the new device.

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  1. Hei
    I also a iP4 and the wifi connection is really slow, max 750-850kbit download speed, the uploadspeed is just as expected(400-500kbit. 3G connection is about 1600kbit, twice as fast as the wifi speed 🙁

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