iOS Jailbreak Software PwnageTool For Windows Releasing Soon?

If you are a Windows user with a jailbroken iPhone, you may be aware that the popular PwnageTool that is used by several Mac users to jailbreak their iPhones does not work for you. This is because PwnageTool had all along been built just for the Mac platform. Windows users had to rely on an alternate solution called Sn0wbreeze for jailbreak.

This space could see some fresh developments. According to the Twitter timelines of popular jailbreaker MuscleNerd, a PwnageTool for Windows could be releasing shortly. In a Twitter conversation with @iH8sn0w, he writes,

@iH8sn0w seriously…@chpwn is your age, and about to release a better version of PT for win. Don’t *blame* him for that.

There is another surprise in store. This tweet was in response to a message posted by iH8sn0w that noted that the next version of Sn0wbreeze may not release at all considering that PwnageTool for Windows is coming soon. If you are a fan of Sn0wbreeze, you have your reason to feel bad about it.

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