Watch Live TV On iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch With Dish

Looking to stream live TV on to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Subscribers of Dish, the second largest satellite TV provider in the US may soon be able to do so – the only caveat being that it might cost you a little money upfront and that all your family members on various devices will still have to watch the same TV channel at any given instant.

The new live TV streaming service is expected to be launched on iOS devices, besides Blackberry and Google Android handsets in September this year. To get started, subscribers will need special hardware like Sling Media’s SlingBox that retails for a price between $180 and $300. Alternatively, Dish subscribers may also pay between $200 and $400 to upgrade their Dish HD DVR subscription to include the features offered by SlingBox. If you would like multiple DVR services, you may have to shell out an additional $10 a month.

The new Live TV streaming service can be used to switch channels remotely using the mobile app. However, if a family member is watching any particular channel on their home TV, the feature will require the application user to view the same channel – unless they use the DVR as a second tuner.

Though this could be a roadblock, I expect the new Dish live TV streaming service to pick up steam once it launches. This just adds one more dimension to the multimedia consumption utility of the iDevices.

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