Turn iPod Touch Into iPhone With New Apple Peel Accessory

A team of two Chinese brothers have reportedly developed a new accessory that will let you turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone – for just $78. The accessory, named Apple Peel 520, is an iPod Touch case that comes installed with a circuit board and battery that can be secured around the iPod Touch like any other casing. Users will also require to install a software on the iPhone that will make it possible for users to start using their iPod Touch as an iPhone.

Since the procedure also requires you to install a software, it goes without saying that you will need to jailbreak your iPod Touch. Losing warranty doesn’t look like a big deal if you are to factor in the money that you would end up saving. The iPod Touch starts selling from $229 and with the case, the total price to start using your Touch as a phone is just close to $310 – that’s a deal compared to $1060 that you may end up paying for the iPhone through your two year contract.

Quite understandably, Apple is not pleased about the latest accessory and have warned users about the potential harm they could invite in the form of warranties getting voided and devices getting bricked. According to Jonathan Hudis from the American Bar association, the product may not last long – at least in the US. He says,

“The brothers who invented this Apple Peel probably ran down a list of how many ways could they annoy Steve Jobs. I could not see Apple standing by to let this continue, especially if it results in product shipping into the United States.”

Nevertheless, the product is shipping as on date and is available on the popular Chinese eCommerce website, Taobao.

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