Chatroulette For iPhone – iChatr Free iPhone App Is Here

Looking for some Chatroulette fun on the move? Here’s iChatr for you. This new application is completely inspired off the (in)famous video chatting website Chatroulette.

With iChatr, users may connect to random iPhone users around the world. Do not like the person on the other end? Simply swipe away to look at the next random stranger.

iChatr - Chatroulette for iPhone

For some strange reason, the app audio does not seem to be working without a headphone. Also, the app appears to work only via a Wi-Fi network at the moment. So, it may not work while you are on move all the time. Nevertheless, this iPhone app is free and in case you are among those with the latest iPhone 4 with the front-facing camera, give it a try. The app is here.

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