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Jun 9, 2010
Comments Off on Income Level Distribution Of iPhone Users

Income Level Distribution Of iPhone Users

Don’t accuse me of stereotyping people, but isn’t it a generic observation that older people are less technological savvy than the younger lot – and that the older people tend to go much more with the herd than the younger people who tend to look into the details much more keenly before purchasing a gadget?

If you would agree to this, then you may also convince yourself of the fact that the Android OS is a much better mobile platform than iPhone. A study by Nielsen has noted that close to 53% of iPhone users are over the age of 35. In comparison, only 45% of Android users are so. The higher average age of iPhone users is also one reason why iPhone users earn more than Android users on an average. Here is the income level distribution of iPhone users studied by Nielsen

< 15,000K : 4%
$15K – $35K : 9%
$35K – $50K : 9%
$50K – $75K : 20%
$75K – $100K : 18%
> $100K : 40%

The numbers for Android users here :

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