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Nov 6, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

How To Run All Apps On Samsung Galaxy Tab In Full Screen Mode

Not all apps on the Android market are capable of running on devices with a resolution higher than 800×480 pixels. This means a number of popular applications do not appear full screen on a device like Samsung Galaxy Tab that has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

All is not lost though as a Galaxy Tab user has discovered a simple way to get all applications to run in full screen mode. The procedure makes use of a free Android app called Spare Parts and will require a couple of reboots. You can check out this video embedded below for the complete how-to instructions.

The trick lets all applications to scale beyond the 800×480 pixel barrier and removes one of the most prominent disadvantages that the Galaxy Tab had vis-a-vis the iPad. Did you try the method? Do remember to let us know how it went in the comments below. You can use the QR code below to download Spare Parts to your Tab.

Spare parts Android app

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