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Sep 14, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Google TV On Best Buy – Launch On October 17?

Pardon me for the number of fake alarms with respect to the official launch date for Google TV. Remember the original rumors about the set top box launching in May? Well, that never happened. But there was an interesting rumor earlier this month when Intel CEO, Paul Otellini suggested that the Google TV could launch “this month.

Now if more recent speculations are to be believed, Intel could be wrong. This is because a leaked internal document from Best Buy has revealed that the Google TV could actually be making it to the stores only by October 17th. This is after the document notes that the original launch date of October 3 had to be deferred due to unspecified issues. Considering that Best Buy is an official Google partner in the sale of Google TV, this looks like a pretty reasonable speculation. But wouldn’t it be great if G gave us an official launch date?

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