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Google Nexus S Rebooting Randomly During Phone Call – Google Working On Fix

A new bug on the Android operating system seems to be affecting a number of Google Nexus S users. According to complaints posted on the Google support forum, the bug on Nexus S causes the phone to reboot randomly while making a phone call. Some users have been experiencing this every other time while others have been facing the issue only once in a while.

Fortunately though, unlike the Android random SMS recipient bug, Google seems to have rounded upon the possible root-causes early enough and have reported that they are now trying to reproduce the bug and consequently find a fix for the same. Samsung is noted to be working with Google on this issue.

We will let you know when a fix is released. Have you experienced similar issues on your Nexus S? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Nearly every call for me drops in about 3 minutes on my Nexus S

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