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Sep 20, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

New FringOut Offers Cheap VoIP Calling Alternative To SkypeOut

Fring, the popular P2P mobile VoIP client has launched a new service called FringOut that, quite evidently, takes on the SkypeOut landline/mobile calling feature offered by Skype. The FringOut service was launched yesterday and brings extremely cheap voice-calling to mobile phones. According to the company’s media statement, VoIP calls over FringOut have a starting price of 1 cent per minute.

FringOut is presently available only on the Nokia S60 platform. However, the company is expected to be bringing the service to the iOS and Android platforms too very soon. With an already burgeoning user base and attractive pricing, FringOut can prove to be a real alternative to SkypeOut. However, one does need to be sure about the voice quality. If Fring can manage to equal Skype, or better them for that matter, expect the popularity of the new service to spike up in the days to come.

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