PSGroove – Open Source PS Jailbreak Solution Released

Just days after Sony got a reprieve by winning an injunction against three Australian who sold a hack that allowed Playstation 3 owners run pirated games on their console, a new jailbreak solution has emerged. Called an open source PSJailbreak solution, the new PSGroove application is however an expensive choice. Users willing to jailbreak their devices will need to first download the code on to a USB development board from Teensy or the AT90USBKey in order to be able to run unsigned third party apps and games on their PS3. These boards can cost between $25-$30 if you don’t have them already.

The jailbreak solution still is not capable of handling ISO boots that is required to run backup games (or pirated if you are of the unscrupulous variety), but that could be coming soon.

Sony PlayStation Protection Plan Warranty Now On PSN

Sony announced earlier this week that the PlayStation Protection Plan – a warranty service for console owners who are too accident-prone will now be offered via the PlayStation Network. The PS Protection plan will offer extended coverage for manufacturer’s warranty for both PS2 and PS3 owners and is an optional service.

The service is available for those users who are within the first year of purchase of their console and extends the warranty period from 12 months to 24 months at a cost of $44.99. A two year extension plan is available for $59.99. These rates are however for those users who are not subscribed to PlayStation Plus. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can avail the two-year plan for $44.99. The plan will give users access to console hardware experts besides prepaid shipping boxes to ship defective consoles.

How To Hack PS3 Without Losing Your Warranty

Unlocking solutions that will allow you to play backup games on your Sony Playstation are not exactly new. What you primarily do to achieve this is to break into your console unit and tug in a few more chips that will help you play all these games that you need.

Now, that procedure can cost you your warranty and is risky unless you are tech savvy enough. A new unlock solution has emerged that can help you hack into your Sony PS3 that does not require any console breaking which effectively means you will not be losing warranty for attempting such a stuff.

PS3 Jailbreak is a USB based solution that will enable this. Users need to plug in the jailbreak USB to their PS3 and the software application from the USB will unlock your PS3. You can use this method to also play games off other USB sticks.

The most unfortunate part though is the price. It’s not cheap at all. The PS3 Jailbreak Modchip costs a good $169.99 that could be way above the price many users in the PS3 demographic would be willing to pay.

Now Stream Netflix On Sony PS3 Without A Disc

Sony is launching new Playstation 3 models that will come with larger drives – but at the same price. The $299 model will now bring 160GB of storage (120GB earlier) and the larger 320GB model – that also includes features like Playstation Eye web camera will cost $399.

Now one more interesting addition to the PS3 features list is the ability to stream Netflix videos and movies without a disc. As you know, earlier editions required you to insert a disc before you can watch Netflix videos over PS3. Now it is not clear if the new PS3 will come pre-installed with this feature or if it will be enabled via a firmware upgrade.

Eitherways, it’s a good development that PS3 fans will love to hear. The 160GB version is already in the market. Go check it out.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review Of Price And Launch In US

No idea why it has taken Sony Ericsson so long to bring their Xperia X10 to the American market. Nevertheless, from what we hear, AT&T should be bringing the Sony Ericsson X10 to the United States sometime between the mid of August and mid of September. Spec-wise, it looks kind of old at the moment. The device features an Android 1.6 device and at $345 is no bargain for consumers to pick this one over other devices with much more modern specs. We had earlier reported that the device could launch in Q2 of 2010.

Now, there is no word on how much subsidy AT&T is planning to offer on this phone. Considering that this is phone has pretty mundane specifications and the fact that it has existed in other parts of the world for some time now, expect some heavy subsidy as Ma Bell gears to sell the stocks out as quick as possible.

Nevertheless, hold on for some official communication from AT&T before throwing in your money at an alternative.

New Sony PS3 Firmware 3.41 Released – What’s New?

PS 3 gamers take note. Sony has now released its latest firmware update to its Playstation 3 gaming console. The new Sony PS 3 firmware 3.41 brings with it a new recommendation system to the Playstation Store. As the name suggests, the new recommendation system will offer Playstation users a list of videos and gaming suggestions when they surf through the store database. The new recommendation list, which will be displayed under a section that reads, “You May Like It“, will show a list of games and videos that is automatically generated depending on the purchase behavior from other users who have made similar purchases.

The new firmware update is significantly smaller than earlier updates released by the company. Considering that this is only an incremental update, a file size of 40MB is understandable. Go ahead and download the new firmware update and let us know how you find the new recommendation system.

Watch YouTube in 3D On Sony PlayStation 3

Sony is expected to launch a new firmware update to their PlayStation 3 gaming console that will bring support to 3D Blu-ray. According to a presentation delivered by Sony Executive from Europe, Mike Hawking, this upgrade is expected to be delivered to customers by September.

But there are more updates in the pipeline. According to Hawking, Sony PS 3 shall also receive a firmware update that will enable users to watch YouTube in 3D besides being able to view images captured from compatible cameras in 3D. This will however require users to capture photos from cameras that support the .mpo format including the recently launched Sony Cybershot with 3D support.

So there you go. You may soon be able to watch your favorite videos from YouTube on 3D thanks to Sony Playstation 3.

Sony Cybershot WX5 And TX9 Cameras With 3D Functionality Price Revealed

Sony has announced two new cameras in the Cybershot series that bring new 3D technology to the cameras. According to a media statement, Sony has said that these cameras shall be available for purchase both online as well as authorized retailers. Despite the advance 3D features, Sony plans to market the phone’s ability to shoot full HD videos on its television ads that are expected to hit Japan soon.

As noted, there are two different models that come with the new 3D technology. The first Sony Cybershot WX5 is a device with 2.8-inches screen size and allows the user to shoot panaromic 3D images which may then be viewed by connecting the camera to a 3D TV via HDMI. Sony Cybershot TX9 comes with a 3.5-inches screen size.
3D Enabled Sony Cybershot models
Other  camera specs include a 12.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, Superior Auto mode and 720p HD video capture. The two camera models are expected to retail at $396 (WX5) and $510 (TX9) and are expected to be available by mid-September in US, Europe and India.

Sony Dual-Screen eReader Netbook With Game Console Characteristics?

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Sony is working on a portable computer that will serve the purposes of an eReader and netbook while also sharing its characteristics with its current line of hand-held gaming devices.

While no other information has been divulged either by WSJ’s sources nor by the company, the speculations are in line with our report back in May this year when we had pointed out a patent application filed by Sony that sought to bring a portable dual-screen device that will perform eReader and netbook functions. We had written,

“The application further notes that the eReader shall be fitted with an accelerometer so that users may change the device orientation so that the device may now resemble a laptop. The user can now choose to continue using the device as an eReader or use the necessary toggling controls to turn the lower screen into a touchscreen based QWERTY keyboard laptop.”

Now with more information available on this piece of hardware Sony is working on, it will be interesting to see when an official announcement is actually made.

Killzone 3 For PlayStation 3 Video Preview Released

Guerilla Games – the developers of the popular Killzone game on Sony Playstation have released a video preview of the upcoming Killzone 3 . The video preview offers an interesting perspective on how the gaming features will change with the imminent arrival of PlayStation’s new motion controller, PlayStation Move.

In the preview, which we have embedded below, Guerilla Games show Killzone 3’s compatibility with Playstation Move, PS 3 3D gameplay, jetpacks, weapons and environments like Arctic, lethal alien jungle, nuclear wastelands and space.

Killzone 3 also introduces a new weapon in the form of WASP which is something like a multi-firing rocket launcher. According to reports, the new version of  Killzone will also feature a “close combat melee system” that will bring in newer forms of combat formats including multiple combo attacks.

Killzone 3 is slated for release in February 2011.